Why coaches and mentors shouldn’t beat themselves up when client change doesn’t happen

Every beginner coach or mentor goes through a phase of questioning their own competence, based upon a sense that they could (or should) have had so much more impact. Even very experienced coaches and mentors sometimes feel that they have “failed” their client. While there are some professional coaches and mentors, who think they are

New ways of Generating Performances for You & Your Teams

We consider some of the abilities that leaders and managers need nowadays, in VUCA times. We go through three useful elements when putting into practice the critical abilities for leaders and managers in a VUCA world: using metaphors for conveying a vision, empowering explanations for creating a better course of action and asking powerful questions

The Greatest Investment

“FEEL and Grow Rich”  The development of your authenticity and emotional intelligence guarantees an ever expanding return on investment. It provides the greatest return on emotional labor performed by both individuals and organizations. The development of individuals and organizations with authenticity and emotional intelligence represents the greatest competitive advantage in the emerging trust economy. Emotional

Top Tips for Protecting Your Staff and Your Business from Workplace Incident

When you run a business, no matter the size of your team, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to keep your workers safe from harm. While you might think that only people working in the “riskier” industries, such as construction, agriculture, transportation, forestry, and manufacturing, might have something to worry about, the

Cross mentoring – Mentoring between companies

Most formal mentoring takes place between people within the same organisation, but this isn’t the only possibility. It is hard, for example, to create effective mentoring relationships within small national branch offices – people are often too close and the choice of mentor is too limited. While distance mentoring, using mentors from the same company

Digital Transformation in Sales: Welcome to Social Selling

US, sales professionals, tend to jump on the telephone or send an email to targets when we feel the need to prospect for new clients – or our director is on our ear asking us to update our pipeline on the CRM. Today our potential clients may not be ready when we are willing to

Managing in a Global Environment

For the modern day leader, the interdependence of nations and hyper-connectedness of experiences provide a source of great opportunities. Yet, these go hand-in-hand with great challenges, given the immense technological, methodological, social and cultural differences between nations. It is important for business professionals to be able to embrace the wider world and recognize the value

Success through People

Let’s start by asking, Where would profits be greater?  In a company where people are worried and afraid or one where people feel successful and optimistic? Feelings matter a lot. Creating an atmosphere in which people want to do their best work requires a culture which consistently values people value as a source of excellence.