ABC of Servant Entrepreneurial Leadership

Leaders are more than entrepreneurs. Even more than servant, socially responsive entrepreneurs. More than dealers in hope. More than drivers of the bolder, brighter, better future. Entrepreneurial leader sees and seizes the opportunities (noticed yet not perceived by others). Such leader comprise Abilities, Beliefs, and Convictions, necessary to employ a set of opportunities for completing

Engaged Employees & Delighted Customers, In One Go

Gallup estimates that the US economy loses over $450 billion annually due to disengagement, and $84 billion due to absenteeism. In fact, job markets seem to be shifting toward temporary and project-based employment, which could result in increasing insecurity, and a lack of commitment and loyalty toward a specific employer. Also, holding a fulfilling job

3 Massive Mistakes to Avoid that will Boost your Sales

Relationships underpin everything that we do, if you want to be a good leader, you must be in relationship with your people, if you want to work in a successful team, you must be in relationship with your team members and if you want to make more sales you absolutely must be in relationship with

Innovative Solutions for Engaging & Managing the Workforce

In today’s world leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges, which include keeping up with trends in the workplace, prioritizing those trends and developing a strategy to respond in an effective way that benefits the organization. As a leader, you are at the forefront of change in your organization. You know how important it

How to be the best Leader you can be

Leadership is a topic which is high on the agenda for most organisations. The one thing we are not short of is leadership models and advice. The critical question is “are any of these models better than others – or just newer?” All the models have appeal and most seem to contribute something to our

Develop Work Skill through Coaching

Coaching is important in the workplace since it aids the employees to develop work skills. Coaching is all about training a person to attain a goal and gain some practical skills. We have heard about coaching a football team, basketball team, cricket team, hockey team, etc but we wonder when we hear about coaching a

Why Strategic Planning Fails

It goes without saying that most successful businesses are good operators. In those organizations, the owner or CEO usually has a clear vision of the future, and sometimes even a sound strategy to get there. So why is it, that corporate surveys found that 90% of companies don’t execute their strategic plan successfully, and 95%

Leadership Lessons from Virgin Atlantic

I was approached by David Tait OBE recently to form a speaking partnership. David was with Virgin Atlantic from the very beginning and is acknowledged by Sir Richard Branson as having played a pivotal role in the development of Virgin, marking its progress from an underground office to a global luxury brand.David wrote British Atlantic