10 Steps to Hire top Notch Producers

As compared to the sales position, most of the managers, whether they are senior executive or juniors, experience more success when they hire people for non-sales positions. Of course, sales persons happen to be different from rest of the staff in terms of communication skills and the ability to convince the customers in addition with meeting different challenges they face on regular bases. A wrong hiring for a vacant sales position can cost any company considerable amount of money, nothing to talk about the loss of customers or resulting low morale and confidence of other employees.

The Key to Success:
Most of managers only take the necessary steps to hire a right sales force when they realize the impact of wrong hiring on their business. In fact, you have better chance of building a better sales team if you continue to learn more about hiring or recruiting top notch producers that can actually produce results for you. All the companies need to put an effective and result oriented system in place in order to find and hire the best possible sales people that have the potential to meet your particular requirements and succeed at your business. Having a good hiring system also means you can save considerable amount of money and time on hiring new staff, especially the sales team.

Who is winning the Talent Search?
How to hire a good sales team is such an important question and you have to find a good answer as soon as possible if you want to keep abreast of your competitors in the market. The war of talent hunt is intensifying even in the sectors with the modest growth rates and there is no sign of letting up. According to a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review, only 15% of companies in Asia and North America believe that have enough qualified successors for key positions that are going to be vacant in near future.

The situation is slightly better in Europe where 30% companies believe that they have enough qualified professionals in the pipeline for the important positions. However, the shortage of experienced and qualified manpower is the acutest in the economical areas where most companies are focusing on their growth strategies. Most importantly, this problem is going to prevail for at least two more decades.

Therefore, various companies are trying their level best and going out of the way to find the best workforce, especially the sales team to meet their future needs. However, only those companies seem to win the race those have put an effective system of hiring in place. This system should be capable enough to discover and then prepare exceptional candidates and full your pipeline with such people. Similarly, it is pivotal for you to formulate a comprehensive growth plane for next 12 months and then implement this plan in its letter and spirit. You also need to determine the specific role of each individual you are going to hire as well as the environment in which he will work to be able to outperform other companies in talent hunt.

Ten Steps to Hire Top Notch Producers:
So far in this discussion, we have ascertained that why sales people are different and why your company is struggling to build superior sales force. Following are the ten steps or point you need to consider while hiring good sales people to ensure that the persons you are hiring are actually worth it or not.


  • Why?
    In this very step, you need to answer the question that why sales people are different. Perhaps, they have to bring in money or because they are under pressure all the time or have to show the performance at any cost. Secondly, you need to analyze why your previous efforts to maintain a constant supply of top notch producers have failed miserably. This will definitely help you to learn from your mistakes and develop a good and effective strategy to bring in the brightest talent in your organization.
  • Identify who will succeed:
    The second step is to formulate the criteria for identifying people who will succeed in your organization. In this regard, you need to keep both of your requirements and the expectations of the candidates in mind.
  • Sourcing:
    Sourcing is one of the most important parts of a hiring process. By sourcing, we mean a system that can attract CVs from brilliant candidates throughout the year. Similarly, you need to produce attractive ads that can catch the attention of top producers in search of new challenges and offer them something more attractive and unique.
  • Use of Automation:
    Using automation will enable you to save plenty of time and money on hiring process. The use of software actually brings consistency in the process, helps in documentation for EEO purposes, prevents good candidates from being neglected, ensures safety of data and assists in forming a repository for all the data as well.
  • Pre Employment Assessment:
    The effective use of pre employment assessment   means having an automated system that will screen out people at its own enabling managers to focus on more important aspects of hiring process in addition with saving huge amount of money and time.
  • Proper Use of Resume:
    The top producers must be able to demonstrate their achievements through their CVs. On the other hand, managers should be able to detect figures and numbers and determine whether the person under consideration is a perfect fit for the job opening or not. You should also be able to ask tough questions and get clear questions from the candidates before taking final decision.
  • The Phone Interview:
    The phone interview is similar to checking resume in many respects. However, a phone interview will enable you to screen out candidates and cut the costs in the process. Make it challenging for other person and encourage him to express his qualities. The actual purpose of the telephonic interview is to determine if the candidate qualifies the minimum selection criterion or not.
  • The Interview:
    It is in the first direct interview that you actually judge the candidate. During this interview, you need to analyze how he walks and smiles and whether he is confident in his conversation or not or whether, the candidate is able to control his emotions. Try to put candidates in most uncomfortable position to find out whether they qualify your selection criterion or not.
  • Compensation and Documentation:
    You must be willing to offer handsome compensation in order to attract top notch producers. Against common perception, it is very simple to compensate a good sales person as adopting a Total Reward Strategy will solve most of your problems.


  • The Final Interview:
    You probably have already selected a candidate if you call him for the final interview. The purpose of the final interview is to seize a great sales person for your company. There are still many things you can check about the candidate such as his level of excitement or his reaction about non disclosure issues but you mostly need to review your goals and expected final outcome before handing the offer letter to the candidate.

It is not easy to discover and then hire great sales people. The competition among companies is already tough and it is increasing by every passing day. In this regard, managers of the companies have to come up with an effective system to screen out underperformers and attract the star performers in order to outperform other companies in talent hunt and to give a much needed boost to their sales team in order to survive in modern and highly competitive markets.

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