Are you Well Connected? – Getting more from fewer connections

Whoever dies with the most connections win? Right? Actually no. Social networking and media sites have lulled us into a false sense of security the bigger our networks the more we are networking.The way were going to talk about social networking!

I’m going to show you a method I discovered for rethinking social networking and how to connect with others resulting in mutual benefit and exchange virtually every time.By mining and engaging your network in a new way you can exchange more value with fewer, select people.The result is confidently exchanging more value with far less effort and time. In fact you may find that you have already applied many of the Well Connected principals but just not in a consistent way.

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I’ve always been fascinated with making new connections, how real connections are made. I started career in executive search, making connections.And as an Executive and corporate growth coach I continued to be a connector.At first I was not particularly discriminating about my introductions. Thought everyone should meet everyone else.Some successful and some bombed. Many connections that I was certain would benefit both parties resulted in little or nothing. Got feeling that I was eroding or contaminating my network. I knew there had to be a better way. A way to ensure I was adding value and associated with great introductions and connections.

Along with online social networking, I’ve also been very active with professional associations, attending conferences and other networking events. Amazed with the amount of time consumed, randomness and scarce outcomes.No one really knew what many at the table were asking for. Or people were sandbagging leads and contacts because they weren’t willing to share precious contacts to a stranger. One guy said he was looking for a VP HR position in the area. Feedback was to attend SHRM. Went on mission to analyze what made great connections work and what made poor ones fail.

I’m going to show you a method I discovered for rethinking social networking and how to connect with others resulting in mutual benefit and Exchange. Virtually, every time by mining and engaging your network, in a new way you can exchange more value with fewer select people the result is constantly exchanging more value with far less effort. And then you may find that you’ve already applied many of the well-connected principles but just not a consistent way and you may learn how to replicate the best networking exchanges that you may have had that felt just lucky.

getting well connected

How do you feel about online and offline social networking? Do you feel excited and ready to reach out to this person known or unknown or do you feel a twinge of anxiety resistance or apprehension? I ask these questions to many people and typically, I get 2 answers. The number one answer is that people don’t like reaching out, feel nervous and confused. The other part says that they love to network. However, majority of people from both cadres fail to make good use of theses connections.

You know at the end of the day we’re all people and we all have needs and if it’s critical mindset to engage in this process of networking. Again, as I mentioned in a way that makes us realize that we can help each other and we just have to try and even if we there’s nothing material that we can offer but the genuinely of the gesture  and sincere, we do get clients!

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