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Chris Pierce
Chief Executive Officer
Global Governance Services Ltd

Chris Pierce is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Governance Services Ltd. He works with policy makers, directors and boards in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the US and South America. Prior to becoming CEO, he was the Director of Professional Standards and Professional Development at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in the UK. He has also held senior management positions in the Overseas Development Administration, British Airways and Leeds Business School.Chris has a particular interest in international corporate governance development. He is currently a senior trainer of corporate governance trainers for the Global Corporate Governance Forum [1] and in the last three years has been involved in their training of trainer programmes to over 550 trainers. He is also a leading contributor to the Forum’s publications which include: Building director training organizations (2003) Developing corporate governance codes of best practices (2005) Corporate governance board leadership training resource kit (2007) He was the chairman of the Forum’s initiative to develop corporate governance codes in the Middle East and North Africa region which led to the development of many national corporate governance codes in the region and led a major corporate governance capacity building project in Eurasia involving over 12 countries. Chris has written extensively on director and board development issues and regularly speaks at international conferences. His books include: “The Effective Director” in 2001, “The Handbook on International Corporate Governance” (co authored with Kerrie Waring) in 2003, “Corporate Governance in the Middle East and North Africa” in 2008, “Corporate Governance in the European Union” in 2010, “Corporate Governance in the Gulf” in 2012 and his most recent publication “Corporate Governance in the United Kingdom” (co authored with Vanessa Jones) which was published in August 2013. Chris has conducted a number of high profile corporate governance assessments and board evaluations around the world. He is currently leading the training of corporate governance evaluators within the Tata Group in India and in other training centres around the world. In addition, he has been involved in the training and development of executive directors in many successful large multinational companies and financial institutions and has been involved in developing executive and non executive directors in some of the largest National Investment Authorities, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Financial Institutions in the World. His qualifications include: an Economics degree, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a Masters degree in Science, a Masters degree in Philosophy and an MBA. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries and Administrators, an Executive Fellow of Henley Management College, a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield Management School and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. [1] The Global Corporate Governance Forum is a multi-donor platform located in the Corporate Advice Department of the International Finance Corporation that provides assistance to emerging markets and developing countries on corporate governance. The Forum was co-founded by the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1999.

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