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Don Phin
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Don Phin is an attorney, consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur located in San Diego, California. He has delivered more than 400 presentations to the Vistage CEO organization, as well as hundreds of others. After leaving his litigation career at 40 Don built HRThatWorks which he sold to ThinkHR in 2014, where he acted as VP of Strategic Business Relationships for two years. In recent years Don has done a deep dive into understanding the future of the workplace. Now he helps business owners and executives think about the changes guaranteed to come their way...and more importantly what to do about it. Starting all over now at 60 Don is an example of how to manage rapid change and become anti-fragile in the process. Here’s to embracing change, Don www.hrsherpas.com for a weekly tips newsletter and HR support help www.donphin.com to learn about speaking, training and coaching https://www.linkedin.com/in/donphin don@donphin.com (619) 852-4580 3200 Fourth Ave. Suite 208 San Diego, CA 92103

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