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Mr.Vincenzo Aquaro
Chief of E-Government Branch, United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs

Mr. Vincenzo Aquaro is the Chief of E-Government Branch (E-GB) of the Division for Public Administration & Development Management of the United Nations Departments of Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA).Core business of the Division is to help Member States to build and strengthen their public institutions. E-GB assists governments to advance public sector reform and improve the quality of public service delivery through the use of ICT. By offering e-Government capacity-building activities, promoting knowledge sharing and providing training and online tools, the E-GB champions efficient, effective and citizen oriented public service delivery based on the principles of transperency, accountability and civic participation. It stresses innovative approaches to public management, particularly through e-government development. E-GB is also in charge of the Data Assessment and Data Management of the e-Government Survey.Before joining the United Nations, Mr. Aquaro was the Chairman of Board and CEO of Formit Servizi SpA, a leading Italian Company in the field of e-governance advisory, management and monitoring services. He was also the member of the Seientific Committee of Formit Foundation, and President and CEO of CARMA Scientific Research Consortium, an Academia and Public Private Partnership established in order to supply ICT products and services for Banks and SME of Agricultural and Agro-industrial fields.Former member of the board of the Master in “ICT Governance in PA: developemnt, management and monitoring” at the University of Rome3, Rome – Italy, Mr Aquaro holds a degree in Electronic Engeneering – automatic controls – from the University of Bari, Italy.

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