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naveed Khawaja

A global organizational change management expert who is dedicated to coaching business leaders, delivery teams and middle-managers in enhanced productivity, succession planning, competitive advantage, making visible progress and more than anything – changing the linear mind-set into the cutting edge iterative and incremental methods.An innovative thinker, motivated helper and productive doer, he has a proven track record in change management, agile and lean transformation for managing uncertainty and risk. Based on his experience in finance, manufacturing, telecom, utilities, energy, transportation, publishing and civil service verticals for Fortune 500 organizations – he has designed and delivered hundreds of contextualized training and coaching sessions to global corporations including GE, Xerox, Standard Life, Pearson Publishing, UK Govt (Department of Work & Pensions, Department for Education) etc.With a degree in computer science, 14+ years of industry experience, 5 patents and being an Oxford Business Alumnus (OBA) – he possesses a unique portfolio of strategic-innovative change. He has recently published a book on collaborative leadership with the title, “Agile Laments – GCC Edition” (bookpge.agilelaments.com) that is digitally available on amazon.com.Naveed Khawaja’s passion is to help you find a profitable balance with continuous innovation and disciplined execution.

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