Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is often seen as a journey through unchartered waters and exploring the unexplored oceans, the journey is embarked through cutting edge innovation and value driven concepts. Charting a course to the new landscape where competition does not exist, is a revolutionary concept in strategy formulation that emphasizes value innovation rather than fighting the competition.

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In the present day business world, following traditional strategies and fighting the cut throat competition can rarely bring enduring success. Today, in most industries competitors imitate rather than innovate and this results in a cruel competition for a small number of market shares which quickly fade and get diluted. This increased competition and increasingly shrinking market share represents the ‘Red Ocean’ and most businesses get entrapped in this situation and therefore fail to progress.


Blue Ocean Strategy helps you to escape the dangerous quagmire of being trapped into a Red Ocean and will enable you to innovate and discover new fields for your organization. It is a radical, yet proven, approach to delivering value into the market that can yield very high growth and profitability. When implemented correctly it can lead to dramatic innovation within established industries and allow you to leverage an enormous competitive advantage – by making the competition irrelevant.


This strategy is rooted deeply in theoretical concepts and practical tools that help you understand your competition better and analyze your position in the industry.


It helps you design strategies to break your competition and to innovate in your market space. You develop skills that facilitate your out of box thinking and enable you to transform your business model. The strategy helps you to understand your customer better and to create new demand under constrained resources. Finally, you become a change catalyst in your organizational setting to lead innovative change.

The strategy covers three distinct areas: Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy, its Formulation and Execution. The strategy gives the participants an opportunity to exchange their rich experiences in different fields of business, functions and levels.

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