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How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict

When we talk about prosperity we believe it represents the sum of an organizations best parts; protecting relationships, advancing wellness and fairness, empowering pride of ownership and being highly profitable. At the heart of our recipe are three key principles: Conflict in and of itself is not the so much the problem it’s the people

Engaged Employees & Delighted Customers, In One Go

Gallup estimates that the US economy loses over $450 billion annually due to disengagement, and $84 billion due to absenteeism. In fact, job markets seem to be shifting toward temporary and project-based employment, which could result in increasing insecurity, and a lack of commitment and loyalty toward a specific employer. Also, holding a fulfilling job

Innovative Solutions for Engaging & Managing the Workforce

In today’s world leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges, which include keeping up with trends in the workplace, prioritizing those trends and developing a strategy to respond in an effective way that benefits the organization. As a leader, you are at the forefront of change in your organization. You know how important it

The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organisation

The purpose of this Presentation is to take the conversation around Happiness, Happy High Performing Employees and Individual Happiness at work to the next – or another – level. I think it’s relevant and needed to take a strategic and organisational perspective and address and discuss how we create a real competitive advantage based on what we

Manufacturing 2day: How to Conquer Functional Blindness

Have you ever noticed that people in the manufacturing industry spend a lot of their time and energy focusing on problems? Individuals in companies have become so “problem-centric” that they can’t see all of the opportunities around them. It is as if they have been blindfolded. My advice is straightforward, simple and if applied, will

How to balance courage and empathy in demanding situations?

There is no single “best” style of leadership. Effective leadership is task-relevant, and the most successful leaders are those who adapt their leadership style to the maturity (“the capacity to set high but attainable goals, willingness and ability to take responsibility for the task, and relevant education and/or experience of an individual or a group

Organizational Survival Through Learning

What a Learning Organization is? An organization that develops itself and its context in a process reciprocally linked to the development of its members and stakeholders. We call it ‘Learning Company’ partly to differentiate it for the more normal term ‘Learning Organisation’ (as opposed to Organisational Learning).We mean it in the original and literal sense

How to Become Emotionally Intelligent in Six Simple Steps

Emotional Intelligent allows individuals to access their Emotional Clarity, Balance and True Capacity.  EQ is one of the important personal and social skills a person can learn.  It permits the user to develop a sense of self that is mindful, positive and cognitively connected. A person having high EQ has a 70% higher chance of