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Tips to Grow your Cultural Currency for Business Success

While international business affords tremendous opportunity for growth and prosperity, often those opportunities are not fully realized. Cultural differences between strategic partners can serve as barriers to successful collaborative initiatives. Developing cross cultural competence is a life-long learning effort that can lead down a long path of workshops, how-to books, and frustrating experiences. Because executives

Why Strategic Planning Fails

It goes without saying that most successful businesses are good operators. In those organizations, the owner or CEO usually has a clear vision of the future, and sometimes even a sound strategy to get there. So why is it, that corporate surveys found that 90% of companies don’t execute their strategic plan successfully, and 95%

How to enjoy and succeed at work and life

1.FUEL FOR THE FIRE – glance back and see what you can do now, compared to your first day in your business. 2.HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FUTURE? – feelings are important but we are not slaves to them; we can change how we feel about work and life. 3. THERE’S A “YOU” SHAPE

How to plan and run your M&A Integration

M&A integration are often the most complex, sensitive and risky programs that an organisation will undertake. In addition to this, the timescales are tight and inflexible, resources may be unmotivated and few people have the experience of this non business-as-usual process. For this reason, historically, many integration have failed to achieve their stated objectives, whether

How to Deliver the Mercedes-Benz Customer Experience

Most business leaders understand that in order to differentiate their brand from competitors, they need more than an outstanding product – they must also deliver a relevant and engaging customer experience. In fact, according to Forrester Research, 92% of leaders have positioned customer experience excellence as a strategic priority. Despite this prioritization, consumer research suggests

How To Create A Coaching Culture: A UAE Case Study

The Benefits Of A Coaching Culture: If I asked you today to give us a quick estimate of the 3 E’s, Engagement, Enthusiasm and Empowerment, what percentage of your staff would you cite as being over 80% on all 3?  If you are thinking that you might not get near the 50% mark with the

Living Business Models for Strong Strategy and Performance

“Simulation” is mostly thought of as a complex, technical and time-consuming thing to do, but modern methods make it easier and faster than developing the spreadsheet models most managers are familiar with. Developing a simulation, whether to tackle a one-off challenge or for developing and managing strategy, actually replacesmore difficult and lengthy activity. Its major

How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment

Are we actually busier or do we just feel busier? Has every generation of employees and managers felt the same way? By most measures, we are truly busier. We are being tasked with more variety, more thinking and more change as part of a macro trend in the developed world. As our business practices and