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New ways of Generating Performances for You & Your Teams

We consider some of the abilities that leaders and managers need nowadays, in VUCA times. We go through three useful elements when putting into practice the critical abilities for leaders and managers in a VUCA world: using metaphors for conveying a vision, empowering explanations for creating a better course of action and asking powerful questions

Managing in a Global Environment

For the modern day leader, the interdependence of nations and hyper-connectedness of experiences provide a source of great opportunities. Yet, these go hand-in-hand with great challenges, given the immense technological, methodological, social and cultural differences between nations. It is important for business professionals to be able to embrace the wider world and recognize the value

Success through People

Let’s start by asking, Where would profits be greater?  In a company where people are worried and afraid or one where people feel successful and optimistic? Feelings matter a lot. Creating an atmosphere in which people want to do their best work requires a culture which consistently values people value as a source of excellence. 

Take Your Blindfolds Off: Reinvent in 2017

Disruption is here to stay.  It’s not a fad or a phase.  Radical change is going to keep coming at us, and new ideas, new technologies, new regulations, new consumer desires, new competitive threats and more keep driving all of us to be better, faster and – perhaps above all – different from who we

How Great CEO’s Create Value: Lessons from Private Equity

Top private equity firms have been long recognized for their value generating capabilities. One reason for private equity’s success is its ability to improve the operations of companies. This presentation focuses on the key drivers of growth and success, including the competencies, activities and mindsets of great CEO’s. These insights come from researching and/or directly

Stop Workplace Drama

A Sneak Peak An overview of the Stop Your Drama Methodology The Premises The Language The Concepts The Principles The Endorsements No Complaints | No Excuses | No Regrets Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos What is Drama? In the book, drama is defined as any obstacle to your peace or prosperity. Lots of

Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking

Our intention Some leaders know how to tell a story to engage our emotions, imaginations and buy-in. Some leaders know how to make excellent fact-based presentations and decisions. The best leaders can do both. We share methods used by effective leaders to tap both the ‘art’ and ‘science’ sides of our natures as they lead

How to Lead with Purpose and Radically Transform Your Life and Work

Research steadily finds that people who live, lead, and work with purpose live up to 7 years longer, are 42% more likely to experience contentment in life and at work, and are four times more likely to be engaged and productive in their jobs (Gallup, 2013; National Institutes of Health ,1998; New York University, 2015).