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How to Deal with Financing Risk

The discussion about risk in finance quite often deals with the risk incurred by the providers of funds. In this respect the providers of equity are typically those who incur the highest risk: if a firm faces difficulties and is liquidated, equity holders are those who will receive only the very residual money (if any)

Leading Through Pain and Loss

Many people will do a variety of things to avoid pain. As leaders, we know that it will be part of the growth of our organization; the one thing that is consistent is change. Not all change is painful or involves loss, although if we are honest with ourselves, we will find that pain and

Do You Know & Use Appreciative Capacity Building?

Capacity building can occur at the individual level or at the group level. At the individual level, the goal is to help people build their skills and become high performing and successful in their work. At the team or organizational level, it is to build high performing, successful teams, organizations and other groups. Appreciative capacity

How to lead wisely in uncertain environments

In one of his last appearance in 2000 Peter Drucker, the man who invented management, gave a TV interview from Claremont, California. Do you know the subjects chosen by Peter Drucker in his speech? He spoke about efficiency and effectiveness; enhance the forces, the XXI century management concepts. Do you know the topics remain untouched

How to Manage the Crazy Changes Coming Your Way

A Bit about Don Phin’s Background Don has changed colleges, his marriage, numerous careers, numerous homes, and his finances. He helps companies change and loves the idea of change itself. He lives in Coronado, CA… at least for now. I use these two pictures to make a point. The second was done by my 14

Saudi Vision 2030: How to Maximise Leadership Opportunities

The most important capability for achieving Saudi Vision 2030 is leadership, which has a fundamental impact on every aspect of organisational and national success – and indeed the well-being, happiness and productivity of all people. As we know, huge investments have been made in leadership training, tools and help for many years and there are

Leadership & Management in the 21st Century

Because of technology and the internet, ideas are emerging resulting in almost every known business model in the process of being disrupted, re-invented, or re-imagined. New products and services are emerging at a pace never seen and competition is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. No business model is completely immune to this disruption. But

Disrupt Yourself!

Personal disruption is the act of using a practice employed by companies — wherein a product deemed inferior by the market leader (Amazon v. Borders, Uber v. Yellow Cab) eventually upends the industry — and applying it to the individual. Disruption has the power to transform organizations, communities, and well, the world — but it doesn’t