Demystifying the USP Myth – Serving vs. Selling!

A lot has been written about how the business world is changing and why entrepreneurs need to adopt new methods and techniques to run their organisations. It has also become increasingly important for them to keep both their staff and customers happy to have any chance of success in extremely competitive market. But, how do they do that? Following is a brief summary of the webinar, “Demystifying the USP Myth – Serving vs. Selling!” by Melissa Evans. In this webinar, Melissa explains the difference between serving and selling and which one of them is more beneficial for your business.

Unique Selling Proposition:
Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is how the products you are offering are different from others. How your customers are going to benefit from them and what you will ultimately earn? However, USP is a complete myth to be honest. You are never going to win or earn as much as you like if you are competing on the bases of price and product features. If you really want to win the competition and dramatically increase your revenue, you will have to focus on another type of USP that is Unique Serving Proposition.

What is Unique Serving Proposition?
Unique Serving Proposition is the unique way you serve your customers or the unique value you provide for their money. Your Unique Serving Proposition is focused solely on your customers as it can completely change their lives. Furthermore, your Unique Serving Proposition is determined by whether you are a business seller or leader.

Difference between Selling and Serving:
Although, these two terms are often intermingled yet the unique serving proposition is quite different from unique selling proposition and it is all about your mindset.  For instance if you simply explain the features of a product or service to a client, he might be interested but he will not be enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, if you explain how this product can help his business grow and attain competitive advantage, the client will be more willing to buy that particular product. Therefore, it is always better to “serve” a customer instead of selling something to him as it will convert a onetime customer into a life time client.

What is Your Unique Serving Proposition?
It is also important for you to determine what the sole purpose of your business is or how it is unique. You should only do what you enjoy the most but it must be better than anyone else who is running the similar business. Similarly, you have to find out what is remarkable about you and what you can provide to public which others can’t. Again, you also have to ensure that your products or services are focused on customers and help them improve their lives.

 5 Reasons You should have Unique Serving Proposition?
Following lines explain 5 most important reasons to have a unique serving business proposition.

  • Your unique serving proposition makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • It also helps you to identify clients you want to work with and those who want to work with you.
  • It further assists you to create products and designs that compliment the sole purpose of the business.
  • It becomes easy for you to brand and communicate your products in a way that makes sense to them once you identify what your unique serving proposition is.
  • Having a unique serving proposition is a best way to grow both your sales and profits.

Identifying your Tribe:
Your ‘tribe’ is actually a community or people you server through your products or services. Identifying your tribe helps you customize your products to meet their particular requirements and communicate more effectively and easily with them. You need to determine what members of your tribe like or dislike or what their interests are. What they like to do most or how they want to be communicated. In simple world, it is imperative for you to determine who your tribe is.
Your tribe is very important as they are the ones who will not only be using your services but will also tell other about them. In fact, if you manage to make them believe that you care about them, you will never have to sell to them as they will come to you to buy your products or avail your services.
Finally, you should try your level best to communicate your unique service proposition effectively among your tribe. It will help you find right kind of clients for you helping you to improve your sales and profits while spending as less money as possible on advertisements. It further helps your client understand who you are in addition with branding your products. While communicate your unique serving proposition, you need to determine what really matters to your client and ensure to speak their language to increase your chances of success.

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