Developing a coaching culture in work teams

An intensive learning event from Coaching & Mentoring International

Line managers are increasingly expected to coach their teams – yet most line manger as coach training fails to deliver the value intended. The reasons for this are several, but the most important are that:

  • Effective coaching is something to do with the team, not to it – it requires their active support, which in turn requires them to understand how to be coached and how to coach each other
  • Effective coaching is more a mindset than a set of techniques – and mindsets take time to create

Global best practice is to focus less on giving the manager some coaching tools and more on creating a coaching culture within the work team.

In this intensive and unique event, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of what it means to create a coaching culture in your team
  • Develop the skills and know-how to enlist the help of your team in making this happen
  • Understand the difference between coaching one to one and coaching the team collectively – and how you can do both
  • Learn how to create and implement a Team Development Plan
  • Learn how to have frequent and more effective developmental conversations with direct reports
  • Learn how to enable your direct reports to take greater responsibility and accountability for their own self-development – and for the development of their team colleagues
  • Acquire practical tools for embedding the coaching mindset in your team
  • Move beyond simplistic tools and assumptions of initial coach training to more flexible, more collaborative and less mechanistic approaches that have higher impact on both individuals and the team as a whole

Who should attend?
The workshop is aimed at managers, who have some initial experience of coaching and who want to make coaching a natural part of the way their teams work.

What’s involved?
The core of the programme is a three-day workshop with one of the world’s leading authorities on coaching and coaching culture, Prof David Clutterbuck. After this, if you wish, you can take part in an action learning set, where you and your peers meet regularly with the support of a facilitator, to continue to learn by sharing experiences and accessing custom webinars from David Clutterbuck and other international experts in the field.

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