Discover Your Authentic Edge with Mindfulness

This particular webinar by Arya Salehi, a renowned organizational design specialist throws light on how important it is to meditate and be mindful to achieve substantial success at your workplace. In fact, different mindfulness and meditation practices will help you to increase your awareness of the surroundings and thus perform better not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well. In simple words, the mindfulness will enable you to discover you ‘authentic’ or competitive edge and be a standout leader no matter wherever you work.

Similarly, the focus on mindfulness and mitigation provides the much needed insight about how person should grow in his personal and professional life. Mindfulness is necessary to exude the hidden qualities of your brain and develop it into an organ that thinks according to the situation at hand and regulates the matter effectively thus helping you to counter any given problem quite effectively.

Mindfulness is actually the process of being aware of our own emotional situation as well as the situation of others who live and work around us and being able to exercise some control on these emotions. It is a necessary part of the personal development and will help you on most occasions, if not all to realize what is going around you, how to tackle different people and create an environment where everyone is happy and read to cooperate with each other.

When it comes to the benefits of mindfulness, they are many and far reaching. First of all, it is one of the most important stress reliever and will help you to regulate stress in the workplace that will definitely enhance your efficiency and improve your performance. Secondly, it is necessary to practice mindfulness because it enables you to achieve a more focused presence and an ability to influence your seniors and manage to your subordinates in a better manner. Emotional instability can be a curse both in home and office and you can become more emotionally stable again by practicing mindfulness.

Last but not the least, mindfulness enables a person to govern his thoughts and keep such expectations at bay that are not going to be realized. It is extremely important for a business executive to know what are his strengths and shortcomings in order to be a good role model and mindfulness can help you to be such a leader.

From Authentic edge means that a person is competent enough and fully deserves to lead his subordinates and be a great example for others. For this purpose, you as a business leader have to lead an inspirational path of yourself and others and in order to achieve that authenticity, you need to take help of mindfulness to enrich your ideas about your surroundings and then practically implementing these ideas. Mindfulness actually allows you to discover new opportunities in every moment and enable you to make most of those opportunities.

Mindfulness also helps you to meet the most basic requirement of all the human beings that is they want to understand others and be understood. The best way to understand other people is to listen to them. You need to carefully listen what others are saying and have to value their point of view. Mindfulness and meditation allow you to not only understand what other are saying but will also assist you in clarifying your own thoughts. They give a new dimension to an empty and split mind and will empower you to think differently and enrich your mind with new and unique ideas.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of practicing meditation is that it permits you to set clear and attainable personal can career goals. Finally, there are three core practices of mindfulness that is, you must have a clear purpose in your life and it directly relates to having clear life goals. The second practice of mindfulness is connecting or focusing on the with the present that will help you to lead effectively and simply without any bias and finally, you need to trust the entire process to practice mindfulness and achieve the result you desire.

The critical success factors for implementing mindfulness is that you must be able to change your thinking habits and have a more holistic view of your surroundings both in your home and office. It should broader your perspective of other people and help you to lead them with full authority and respect. Being authentic does not mean that you stop at an idea. On the contrary, it is about how you implement that idea and what happens afterwards. You need to have a mindful presences and a curiosity to learn to be inspirational for others.

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