Do You Know How To Take a Massive Leap Forward

More often than not a personal leap of faith is required to radically change your life, your business and your future.

Can you predict when, where and even how you will take your next life changing Leap?

Although the decision to change (improve, grow, expand) and the leap of faith often needed to make it happen may be a conscious one the process itself is something that happens almost unconsciously. We know it’s happening (we stand on that scary precipice of change, look out into the abyss and jump) but we rarely acknowledge or even recognize the process.  But make no mistake about it – there is a process.

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What if you understood the step by step “leap of faith” process and were able to consciously use it again and again to move towards the life, business, and career you desire and are working so hard to achieve with massive leaps and bounds?

Just as a Horse Jumper must know his horse as well as his own personal capabilities they must also know the step by step process needed to approach and clear a 4 foot fence…you must also know yourself, your capabilities and the process in order to make clearing your next big, life changing leap forward as easy as possible.

The Experience THE LEAP 4 Step Process:

 BR – BH – TEMP – LOF = LYW 


  1. BR = Body Rapport: Body Rapport is to know like and trust your body. Every cell of your physical body stores the chemical identity of who you are… more importantly who you think you are.  If you’ve unconsciously built a ceiling for your own success it is stored in those same cells. That ceiling is restricting your growth.  Leaning to trust your gut, your body and your higher self by honoring your physiology is the first step in your leap to greatness.
  2. BH = Brutal Honesty: Brutal Honest is the unreasoning and savage quality of being fair, just, truthful, and morally upright. In the Leap context Brutally Honesty is about coming to terms with and accepting who you really are at your deepest core and highest self levels.  Understanding and accepting your “Core Truth” and rejecting the old “Crusty Truth” that “you’re not good enough” is essential to your ability to overcome the temptation to remain frozen on the precipice.
  3. Temptation = Taming Your Dragon: The moment you make the conscious decision to grow, expand and realize your true potential is the same moment the dragon of temptation raises his head and says “no you are not!”The ability to recognize, understand and ultimately tame the Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty of taking that giant leap forward is the ability to resist the temptation to stay comfortable and safe on this side of the chasm.
  4. A.B.I.F = Action Based in Faith: There is a part of us all that is comfortable with and even prefers the status quo (as painful as it might be)…it’s what we know and are familiar with.  We resist change.  Even for the most courageous among us change can be a scary thing.  This fear is temptations greatest weapon against you.  The ability to take massive action even in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty along with the change and growth that will be its result will require a faith in something bigger and more powerful then you yourself.  Faith in others, god, love or a higher sense of purpose gives you the courage to leap even when the outcome is uncertain.

After his own personal life altering leap of faith and years of witnessing, facilitating and coaching literally thousands of people through the process of change and their own personal leap forward master trainer Tom Terwilliger now teaches the 4 step LEAP process.

Learn the process so that you can take conscious control of you own destiny.

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