How Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizes Management

The following presentation is based on 4 major topics of advanced technology that can help organizations to reshape its management:

1. Communication – the importance of communication is often underestimated – it is not just a cliché.

2. Integration – in literal meaning it is to get all the information and people on same page and to make quicker and more informed decisions by integrating all the relevant information at one single user-friendly interface.

3. Automation – The method by which, organization may simplify and increase quality of the strategy implementation process and / or operations through automation.

4. Assessment – Of the technology, can be used to assess immediate status of the organization, processes and of employees.

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Communication and its Advantages:
The very first area where technology will help the organization is in ‘communication’. The classic questions cannot be left unanswered: Does your organization really know the vision and strategy? And – do they know when or if they are participating in fulfilling this?

Communication – you must break down and cascade not just in the strategic plan but also all relevant initiatives. It is not even mentioned in the organization’s strategic plan.”

Leaders are sometimes even aware of this fact, and although they have a very expensive strategy framework, they do not communicate well enough and the organization often suffers.

Communication benefits the organization in many ways:

  • It gives a bird’s eye view of the status of the organization to executives at any given time
  • It align the whole organization towards the vision

o   Everyone understands where the organizations is going, from the highest to the lowest level of employees

  • It brings Transparency in the organization and develops a culture of openness and trust
  • It enhances employee involvement. As they realize the value they add to the organization and feel more included, they will engage more
  • Provides a strategy map view where all major initiatives are structured under relevant themes and organizational perspectives
  • This helps managers and employee gain a more holistic perspective on their responsibilities
  • Drill down function can take the user deep into the information the organization wants to go
  • A single user view, where the manager or employee have a full overview over all KPIs he is responsible for, including all initiatives, tasks, risks, forms and milestones.
  •  An alert function enables the user to always be up to date on urgent pending tasks.


Integration and Its Benefits
It means to put together the parts or elements and combine them into a whole. Technology can help organizations integrate their information and processes for enhanced performance and quick decision making.

It offers the organizations benefits in many ways:

  • Scattered information from different system is integrated in one system
  • Access to up to date information
  • Limited data manipulation
  • Instant access of information (from all systems) for decagon making

When you have integrated the information, the system will extract information automatically and enable users to access up to date information from all aspects of the business. This will minimize errors, save tremendous amount of resources and present an easy to use interface for all decisions makers and managers.

Automation comes as a consequence of integration. Information flow from different sources will come automatic and be visible on the electronic devices for quick overview and decision making. It helps to:

  • Establish a strong relationship between the strategy components; when one component as for example a mitigation measure is done, the related strategic initiative or task is affected automatically
  • Bring availability of data which is up to date
  • Increase Integrity of data
  • Improvement in engagement and collaboration between stakeholders and executers.


When the system is set up, there is a need for quality procedures for information input and quality assurance. When done property, there will be a steady flow of information from all relevant sources easily available at one user interface.

Knowing how an organization, division, a manager or an employee performs at any given time is in practice not possible. Unless you use technology which provides the organization the ease of:

  • Instant assessment of organizational performance

o   You will see where you are at all time

  • Enhanced continuous improvement

o   Instant performance status review enables you to assess the effect of strategy

  • Effective assessment of major organizational initiatives

By drilling down the data generated from the system, executives can quickly get and understand on what lies behind the statuses and what needs to be improved. Gantt charts can be used to show the progress and a task breakdown view to show individual contributors to the initiatives and their personal progress. System generated reports can be easily customized by ticking off whatever information wanted in the system and be immediately available in MS office formats or forwarded to other people in the organization.

The correct use and utilization of technology has already helped many organizations to excel.

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