How does your leadership compare with Steve Jobs?

The latest measurements approaches have made it extremely easy for people, especially corporate leaders to systematically improve their performance. As a matter of fact, greatest of leaders such as sportsmen, measure their abilities, seek out and surmount challenges and finally seek some support to perform better than ever before and beat out their personal bests. There is also a new approach that is, comparing your style of work with great leaders of the past to learn new lessons and measure performance.

Why Past Leaders are Famous?
Have you ever thought about why people like Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Nikola Tesla etc. are famous? They are famous because these people did some amazing things and changed the course of the history. For instance, Steve Jobs revolutionized the world and changed business world forever by inventing Apple Computers. These people inspire others to mimic their achievements to make this world a better place to live. However, it is also wrong to idolize them because they are human and tend to make mistakes just like us. Those people were able to attain greatness by learning from their mistakes and overcoming them and we can also do the same. Similarly, Bandura’s Social Cognitive theory states that we don’t need to go through various experiences ourselves to learn as we can learn from the mistakes and experiences of the others, especially the great leaders such as Steve Jobs.

Steve Job’s Leadership Style:
In the following lines, we shall discuss about Steve Job’s leadership style and how we can learn from him to become better and more productive leaders by comparing ourselves with him. In this regard, some of the important attributes of Steve Jobs are as under.

  • Transformational:
    Steve Jobs was famous transformational right from his college days. He had “out of the world” ability to inspire and encourage others to work diligently and out of the way to attain their goals regardless of their initial mistakes and failures. Steve himself was a college dropout but he came back strongly and established one of the biggest and most famous technology companies in the world. He had a charismatic personality that also helped him to attain his goals.
  • Instrumental:
    Steve Jobs had a great design sense as well. In fact, he was an instrumental figure that helped his organization to achieve unparalleled success. He was a great decision maker and never reconsidered his decisions once he made his mind. He was very good in strategy formulation, environmental scanning, visioning the future and goal setting and all these features made him a great leader with the passage of time.
  • Teamwork:
    Steve Jobs also believed in the importance of teamwork. Similarly, he never hesitated to follow those people who were substantially better than him both technically and mentally. Following others who are better than you is such a unique trait but Steve Jobs had developed it.
  • Transactional:
    Steve Jobs had a very transactional personality and that is why he gave some amazing rewards to the people. However, he also had some wobbles when it came to his interpersonal difficulties.

Steve Job’s Career Snapshot:
In the beginning of his career or during his college days, Steve Jobs was a fun, irreverent, brash and “insanely great” personality. He took the world by storm during the middle of his career but his progress was unfortunately checked by his short term goals and cost/quality issues related to Apple Computers. However, he returned to the limelight with diverse, mature and broader perspective helping him and his organization achieve unparalleled success, fame and wealth.

What You can Learn from Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs was a great leader and he can still help millions of inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to learn some leadership secrets and get on the right path. Following are some of the leadership qualities you can acquire from the life of Steve Jobs:

  • Relentless Learning:
    In today’s extremely competitive business environment, relentless learning and continuous development is the key to success as demonstrated by Steve Jobs. You have to remain hungry, keep on acquiring new skills and look for new methods to improve yourself.

  • Resilience:
    If you are not resilient, you cannot excpect to succeed. Steve Jobs was notoriously resilient and that is why, he came became stronger than ever before after his failures right from his college days to professional life.

  • Oscillating Leadership:
    Steve Jobs was a great leaner and had the ability to adapt to any kind of situation. Steve or any other good leader didn’t lead all by themselves but they are exceptional followers and incorporate good things they adopt from others in their leadership. All these attributes helped him to create a sustainable organization that could carry his legacy forward beyond his lifetime.

  • Challenge Yourself:
    Steve Jobs never rested on his laurels and kept looking for better and better. He was the first person to commercialize the mouse and the personal computers. Similarly, he was the pioneer of first ever completely digital movie in the history of cinema as well as the modern cell phones. Therefore, his relentless challenging of himself drove him to such levels of greatness that others can only dream of.

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