How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict

When we talk about prosperity we believe it represents the sum of an organizations best parts; protecting relationships, advancing wellness and fairness, empowering pride of ownership and being highly profitable.

At the heart of our recipe are three key principles:

  1. Conflict in and of itself is not the so much the problem it’s the people who are engaged in it. Their level of emotional intelligence, past experiences and behavioral responses that effect trust and limited training/coaching to find a collaborative or win/win outcome impacts conflict.

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  1. Every individual and every organization has a Conflict Management System. How well you know it or not usually is indicative of how well it is working for you or against you. A healthy Conflict Management System will be people centered with a focus on who they are before what they do.
  1. Conflict is inevitable and unavoidable but it doesn’t have to be fatal and costly; in fact it can be healthy and prosperous. There is unhealthy and healthy conflict and we can equip our Conflict Management Systems to resolve unhealthy conflict that increases confidence and empowerment and empower healthy conflict which increases trust that brings out the great ideas not just the safe ones.

Let’s unpack our 3 ingredient recipe:

Ingredient 1:  Personal Conflict Management Systems

How to strengthen, reengineer, and improve their organizational leadership and conflict resolution and empowerment.

At the core of a Personal Conflict Management System is an individual’s understanding of conflict from a physiological and emotional perspective.

Physiological: How conflict and the Amygdala, the home of our fight or flee response, inform our responses and how to make different choices.

  • Understanding the 3 core types of conflict.
  • Understanding the two pathways of fear.


Emotional: How our emotional intelligence (EQ) informs us of our ability to be responsible for our behavior and our capacity to engage and empower relationships. The ability to meet people where they are at and for them to meet us where we are at.

  • Understanding uniqueness of each person in terms of personality type, leadership styles, appreciation languages, learning styles, and conflict management style.
  • Understanding the nature of conflict, its sources, escalation and power.


Ingredient 2: Organizational Conflict Management Systems

How to empower their organizational Conflict Management System to build a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation.

At the core of an Organizational Conflict Management System is how people are valued and heard, (the number one reason people leave organizations), and how their self-determination and engagement is empowered.

  • Understanding how to undertake an Organizational Conflict Management System check-up; assessment, design, implementation and monitoring.
  • Understanding how to develop an Organizational Conflict Management System that uses a self-help system for conflict resolution and a trust base system for empowering healthy conflict.


Ingredient 3: Personal and Organization Inspiration

How to inspire themselves, their teams and their organization to love what they do, love who they do it with and why what they do it matters and makes a difference.

With increased focus on building interchangeable team platforms to build a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation, inspiration will be key for sustainable growth of this emerging culture.

  • Understanding how to go beyond head based motivation to heart lead inspiration with the “Why How What” model. We care more about who you are than what you do.
  • Understanding how to move from a performance driven strategic planning process to a relationship driven strategic planning process using Legendary6
  • Understanding the importance of Celebrating the WINS to protect the vision and values and empower trust, creativity and integrity.

Most Valuable
What is the sound bite, idea, concept, principle, paradigm shift that has caught your attention? What are the aha moments today which will help you be more intentional with your Conflict Management Systems and your Leadership? How will you engage, empower and inspire?

Next right Step
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is today so let me ask you what is your Next Right Step? What is the one thing you can be intentional about doing or initiating right now that will activate change? How will you engage, empower and inspire yourself, your team and your organization?

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