How To Create a Culture of Buy-In and Belief

Culture is the glue that binds people together. It is what drives innovation, execution, and results. It is what makes teams and organizations great.

Right or wrong, people cling to their beliefs, and in order to have a true culture of belief, employees must feel engaged, enabled, and energized.

Engaged employees see the value of their contributions to their companies’ larger missions. Enabled employees are supported with the right tools, training, and coaching. Energized employees are recognized for their individual contributions and are encouraged to have a balance between their work and home lives.

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A leader’s ability to identify and define the key burning issue and separate it from the routine challenges of the day is the first step in galvanizing employees to believe in their visions and strategies.

In the highest performing cultures, managers mandate a vigorous pro-customer orientation that leads to employee initiative and high client satisfaction and loyalty.

High-performing managers are vastly more agile at managing change and guiding employees through the vagaries of the marketplace, and the most agile companies show revenue growth three times higher than their high-performance peers.

  • Communication is the key to everything. Sharing accelerates trust, and trust can transform a culture. Few things can derail a manager’s attempts to improve a culture faster than a lack of trust.
  •  A distinguishing quality of great companies is management’s ability to help employees feel like valued, contributing partners.
  • Employees must be empowered to root for one another even under less than ideal circumstances. Helping employees recognize what they value most about each other is the key.
  • Lack of accountability is one of the most corrosive elements of ineffective work cultures. It leads to failure to take responsibility, missed deadlines, errors in judgment, overpromising, misunderstand- ings, and disagreements.

Temporary loss of belief is inevitable in any dynamic, growing organization, yet it is in moments of crisis that an organization needs its people to believe the most.

Leaders have to get their employees “all in” if they want to build successful cultures that people believe in.


Culture Tools:

When a culture is in crisis is the very moment an organization needs its people to believe the most. One of the most common crises encountered in an organization is the appointment of a new leader. The worst thing that can happen is that key stakeholders perceive the new leadership to be in disarray. A new management team has the opportunity to focus on culture, reignite performance and growth by injecting new customer focus, and establish clear expectations and accountability. While employee appreciation and recognition can be extraordinarily powerful management tools, encouraging employees to care for each other is recognition done right. Renewal of belief can occur quickly when the right leader follows the right path toward generating internal buy-in and overcoming resistance.

There is great power in building a culture where people believe. However, in order to succeed, it is necessary to get people all in. The worldwide workforce has hidden reserves of ingenuity and resolve that can be tapped, and when all the elements of a positive culture are at play, work becomes not only more fruitful, but much more fun and satisfying.

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