How To Create High Performers Via Authentic Leadership

Why is it that some organizations have energized, “can do”, hard-working employees who think and act like business owners, while other organizations have employees who constantly complain, seem to think only of themselves, and have a “what have you done for me lately” attitude?

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As organizational leaders, perhaps you struggle to get your team members to own behaviors that lead to success. Leadership at this level requires a new mindset. It is a mindset that elevates oneself above the status quo existence of “I work to get paid”, to having a calling, and advancing as a calling fitting in with your life’s mission. Research finds that the best leaders lead from within—authentically, from the heart.

But what exactly does that mean, “leading from the heart?” Think for a minute about the leadership behaviors that sabotage the workplace and undermine its most valuable asset — its people: egos, political maneuvering, opposing agendas, unclear expectations, lack of shared values, poor selection and development process, etc., can all lead to unfortunate circumstances that can sink your ship.

Now imagine for a minute the leadership behaviors that elevate and inspire: influence toward a common goal, healthy conflict management, a high degree of self-awareness to understand the circumstances and people around you, great feedback mechanisms, integrity to make good decisions with confidence, courage to move forward, and accountability to follow through on commitments. Such desirable outcomes require behavioral (and quite learned!) competencies that come from your emotional intelligence, your character, your values and your ability to integrate them all into a new leadership philosophy that will get results.

This type of leadership embraces bettering those around them to succeed. They are in service to not only their clients and stakeholders, but to a higher degree, their best employees who make their world go around. These leaders will rise above managing tasks, time and people to understanding the value of empowerment – to engage those in their spheres of influence to perform at the highest level.

When you get right down to common issues affecting decision-making and morale in organizations, you will also find that counter-intuitive virtuous behaviors such as trust and transparency usually are missing as key indicators of what matters most in team environments that rely heavily on communication, collaboration and engagement.


Those individuals in positions of influence should bring awareness and raise their authentic leadership capacity and integral soft skills, so they can create the most collaborative and engaging teams to get results!

They need to adopt practical, solution based approach which is especially beneficial for leadership teams who want to work together in a team-building approach to leadership development.  There are numerous key approaches and techniques that will help develop leadership behaviors that will ultimately be needed to create a workforce of true champions.

Last but not the least, people occupying top positions in their respective organizations should strive to:

  • Understand common traits and competencies of the “Authentic Leader”
  • Understand the value and importance of linking authentic leadership to employee engagement in order to build a desired team culture.
  • The Questions the need to answer in order to Measure the Strength of a Great Workplace.
  • Figure out Top Reasons Your Employees Are Disengaged and Disinterested.
  • It is also mandatory to Measure Trust and Assessing Key Trusted Behaviors.

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