How to Dominate Google Using Social Media

The world is constantly changing and the way we do business is also changing with it. Gone are the days when extensive marketing campaigns on television, newspapers and magazines would do the trick for you. Today, you have to develop a totally different marketing strategy focusing on Social Media and Google for driving traffic to your website and building your company’s brand.

Changes Occurred in Recent Years:

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The world is no longer the same as it used to be just a decade ago and it will not be same after a decade as well. For instance, YouTube has replaced movies or in other words, television at homes. Books had to give way to kindle whereas CDs were no match for iTunes. Similarly, a vast majority of people use smartphones these days to access internet instead of laptops or personal computers. Google has replaced Yellow Pages and free info forced public relations to disappear. Most importantly, Attraction Marketing is the order of the day rather than Interruption Marketing when it comes to promoting your businesses.

What is Attraction Marketing?
It is always difficult to buy rather than being sold out to. The concept of the attractive marketing, a sort of online marketing, is that your marketing efforts must be attractive. They should address the needs, wants or desires of your target audience otherwise people will simply not buy from you. As everyone can create a lucrative business these days with the help of internet, it is important for you to pay attention to attraction marketing if you want to standout and reap huge benefits which online marketing offers.

Requirements of Future Buyers:
You cannot impress modern buyers by simply putting your ads on television or newspapers. This is the online era and you need to leverage all the related media to promote your businesses. Today, buyers want you to have strong online presence if you want them to buy something for you. Majority of people around the globe use internet to buy products and if you do not enjoy strong online presence, your chances of success are remote.

You have to personally interact with your targeted customers through online blogs and forums. Similarly, you have to leverage the benefits of video hosting websites such as YouTube. You may be surprised to learn that more than 1 billion people use YouTube daily. Similarly, people are 85% more likely to buy your products if you market them through your videos.


The social media has totally revolutionized the world and the businesses has been most impacted by this change. Nowadays, businesses focus their marketing campaigns on leveraging social media to drive huge profits. Businesses have to be on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter if they want to compete and get their due share of profits.

Your Websites should Attract Customers:
If your business does not have a website, there is no way you are going to succeed. In modern era, every business, regardless of its industry, ought to have an enticing and informative websites, making it easy for the customers to explore what they are looking for. Similarly, you have to make your website attractive for customers. It should have reasons for clients to return. It must have strong calls to actions and you also need to update it regularly.

Get Your Site on First Page of Google:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot over the years and traditional SEO techniques are not as effective as they once were. Nowadays, there are other methods of getting your websites on the top of first page of Google, most important of which is Social Media Optimization. The rapid rise of Social Media means that you have plenty of opportunities other than SEO to optimize Google and other search engines.

Everyone knows how effective Facebook and Twitter are when it comes to delivering your message to a wide range of targeted audience. Google also considers various social media websites as an important ranking criterion. If you have fresh, relevant and high quality content on social media platforms, you are very likely to appear on top page of Google.

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, you also need to have strong presence on websites like Flicker, YouTube, Dailymotion and Pinterest. YouTube is particularly important because videos have become the most important marketing tool in recent years.

Marketing Tools:
Gone are the days when you had to work day and night to market your products. The internet has given birth to many easy to use and extremely effective marketing media you can use to promote your products. Apart from more popular methods such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, there other marketing tools as well such as Fiver, 99 Designs,, Q3HD | Zoom and others. All these platforms are extremely innovative and offer different methods and techniques to promote your products and services.

Using Videos to Enhance your Business:
Video is the most powerful marketing platform existing nowadays. You can leverage this method in many different ways to brand your business. For example, you can create video testimonials, provide training to staff through videos, explain technical problems and create video explaining what your websites offers and how to use it. You can also upload all these videos on your own YouTube channel, branding your business to one billion people who visit YouTube daily.

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