How to Learn and Lead Like a Leader

Most people in organizations today are aspiring for a leadership position or a role. If they are already in a leadership position they are aspiring to climb up the ladder. I believe, “A true leader is one who reaches higher in life to make a difference.” There are two important qualities that any person aspiring for a leadership role or already in a role needs to understand. For anyone to reach higher in organization or in life they need to grow themselves, and growth will occur only if you learn. Next if you want to make a difference in anyone’s life, or in your organization or for the society then you must take up self-responsibility of that, i.e. you must start leading. Your leadership should solve problems.

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Learning plays a vital role in a leaders development and education. With ‘change’ being the only constant, leaders must be teachable and have high curiosity in learning new things about their business, organizations, about growing people

Steve Jobs quoted that, “The ability to learn and grow differentiates a leader from a follower”, great leaders are great learners. Do you have a personal growth plan? If no, then this webinar will focus on setting up one for you and your organization. The presenter will share his personal story of how learning has helped him in developing leadership qualities and how did he become a Best Selling Author for just being a Software Engineer few years ago. The session will also focus on, how you can create an environment where you can grow and thrive in your work, and how you will reach excellence. You will be presented with scientific facts that confirm the importance of persistence in your endeavor as a leader, how an insulation around the neurons will help you reach excellence in what you do. This covers the learning phase of leadership. Ever imagined an organizations without leaders, you bet the mess it would be in. Leading a team plays another important role for the success of an organization.

Understand the nuances of becoming successful as leader, a leader who is charismatic and results driven. A leader who knows both the art and science of leadership is a very successful leader. A research done by the presenter (Arham Faraaz) with corporate employees showed 12 skills that are most expected by the team members, a deeper understanding of this will be done in the webinar.

These are some of the qualities that most successful people do. By epitomizing these qualities you inspire and influence the team with your position and skills. One of the key responsibilities of a leader is to grow more leaders, to achieve this you need to find potential leaders in the organization and grow them, what kind of environment you need to develop in order to achieve this. By the end of the session you will understand what is the currency of leadership. Lastly, understanding leadership and by applying it you will impress others when you succeed, but you will impact others when your followers succeed. This is surely a great way to lead.

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