How to Train Teams in High Reliability Organizations

More than 30 years of research and evidence have been accumulated on teams and team performance in diverse areas such as aviation, the military, nuclear power, and health care. The consensus across these domains, where the consequences of error are great, is that teamwork is an essential requirement for high performance.

Based on the evidence that has accumulated over the past three decades, it is clear as to what defines a team, what teamwork requires, how to improve teamwork, and how to manage team performance.

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Evidence has shown that training teams is the best approach to improve teamwork and organizational performance. Team training has been found to be extremely effective in a wide variety industries and numerous tools have been developed to enhance team performance.


The first section of this webinar reviews the requirements for effective teamwork, the characteristics of high functioning teams, and how to train individuals to work effectively together. Specific training strategies will be examined and evidence will be presented on each strategy’s effectiveness.

The second section of the webinar examines the importance of teamwork in high reliability organizations (HROs). HROs are those that organizations that exist in complex, technology sophisticated environments where the consequences of error is high, but the occurrence of error is extremely low.

Health care organizations have been identified as organizations that must strive for high reliability. Since the release of the Institute for Medicine’s report in 1999, To Err is Human, teamwork, team training, and care coordination have become major foci in health care. In 2006, the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released TeamSTEPPS® (Team Strategy and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) as a free resource to health care organizations to train health professionals in teamwork. In the last decade, TeamSTEPPS has become the most used team training program in the world. Hospitals across the US and countries globally have implemented TeamSTEPPS tools to enhance performance. In 2015 TeamSTEPPS was recognized by the Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation (GDHI) Working Group and presented at the World Innovation Summit for Health in Qatar.


The final segment of this webinar examines the TeamSTEPPS resource and how it can be accessed. Evidence of its impact in health care was also be presented as well as how this resource can be customized to other types of teams outside of health. Interested participants may access these resources in advance of the webinar from the following link:

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