Leadership It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

I think that we would all like to be thought of as Inspiring Leaders, but we often don’t try because we think it’s beyond our capabilities. Maybe we believe that leaders are born and not made, and that we were not born with the right skills to be an Inspiring Leader.

Or it could be that we look at the likes of Mandela, Gandhi, Churchill and that we don’t believe we could ever be like them.
Actually, being an Inspiring Leader is actually much simpler than we think, and in this webinar I am going to talk about the three things we need to do in order to inspire ourselves, our companies and our teams.

It’s a simple and straightforward approach which I have used in many companies, with teams and even on myself.
If you follow this approach then you to can become and inspiring leader and help your organization reach new heights.

In todays world we lack Inspiring Leaders and if you can master this, and I believe that practically anyone can, then it will put you in a minority of leaders, who become in-demand.
Inspiring Leadership is magical but it’s not magic, and on this webinar I will teach you how to inspire your team, how to create you create the belief within your teams that will look to get them to try things they previously thought were impossible.

As John Quincy Adams says ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’.
So inspiration should be a key tool in any leaders armoury, and if you can’t inspire people, then I would go so far as to say you’re more of a manager than a leader!
As well as telling you how to be an inspiring leader I will also include several examples of where these skills have been used, in simple easy to understand case studies, which will help you not only learn but also understand what you need to do and what results can be achieved. I also show how, by using these simple techniques, I was able to inspire myself to be able to run my first ever marathon at the age of 52, and not only that how I was able to inspire 5 friends to run their first marathon with me too.

Inspiration is a very powerful force, and the act of inspiring people is itself itself, so once can get this started it can become a self fueling cycle which can help our team achieve outstanding long-term sustainable success

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