Learn The Art of Caring Behavior to Attract Potential Clients

These days it seems like good customer service is a lost art. Many employees don’t seem to know what makes good customer service. Workers seem to take customers for granted. They are either rude, crude, or ignore the customer all together. This may be one of the reasons brick and mortar stores are having such a difficult time attracting and keeping customers. Rather than endure the boorish behavior of untrained or uncaring sales staff, many people now prefer to simply shop online. But if businesses want to succeed, they must teach their staff how to build a strong relationship with consumers by providing great customer service.

The Customer Is King/Queen
For a very long time salespeople understood that the customer is the most important person in any business relationship. Without customers there is no need for salespeople. This encouraged salespeople to develop a customer service mindset. They were polite, cheerful, and helpful to customers and catered to their every need with a smile. Salespeople that did this were able to close many sales and earn a good living. Sadly, that type of salesperson seems to be a dying breed. In order for modern businesses to thrive customers must be treated with respect and given the attention they deserve.

A Customer Service Mindset
The key to a successful sales career is catering to the customer. Proper customer service must always be in the forefront of the salesperson’s mind. They must be willing to speak politely to the customer when they enter the business, find out what they want and need, and do all they can to provide it to them as quickly as possible. Some salespeople see this as being subservient. In reality, this is the proper mindset for a salesperson to have when dealing with customers. This will make the customer feel respected and appreciated and encourage them to visit the business more often.

What Is Good Customer Service
There are several elements that make up good customer service. They include good product awareness, a friendly, helpful, patient attitude, efficiency, and the ability to solve the customer’s problems quickly. Good customer service begins even before the customer walks into the business. Making sure the store is clean, well-lit, and organized in a way that makes shopping easier for the customer is very important. If the store is dark, dirty, and disorganized shopping there will not be a pleasant experience and few customer will feel comfortable shopping there.

Greeting customers with a smile and a kind word is also important. If the shop is well-lit and organized and the staff is friendly, that will attract customers. Being able to quickly answer questions customers have about the products in a warm and friendly manner is another hallmark of quality customer service. Familiarity with the shop’s product line, the location of products, and the ability to quickly get them engenders trust and the customer is more apt to take the salesperson’s advice about the best products to buy.

Customer don’t like to be rushed. A salesperson that’s willing to cheerfully help customers look at and try out as many products as they want will be looked at favorably by the customers. Many customers receiving that type of service may feel almost compelled to purchase something to show appreciation for the quality of the service they received. They’re also more likely to recommend the establishment to their loved ones. This is especially true if the salesperson is able to help the customer solve any problems related to what products they want or need.

How To Build A Strong Relationship
In sales, strong relationships are built on knowledge, trust, cheerful service, and professionalism. Salespeople able the master these skills will draw customers to them and make many sales. Showing genuine interest in the needs of each customer lets them know they are the primary focus of the interaction and not just closing the sales. Salespeople that are able and willing to tactfully and respectfully tell a customer if a product doesn’t look good on them or may not be appropriate for their needs can begin to build a relationship with their customers based on trust.

Coaching Staff And Customers
Good coaching is a combination of teaching, training, and putting people in the best position to succeed. Unfortunately, few managers ever ask what does coaching mean in relation to their staff. Fewer salespeople realize part of their job is to coach customers so they can make the best purchases. Managers should take the time to give salespeople the information they need, show them how to use it, and congratulate them when they do it right. Salespeople should also understand customers prefer to buy rather than have something sold to them. Therefore they should give the customers the buying information they need, work with them to make the right choice, and commend them when they make good choices.

It is very important to stay updated in the industry in which the person is in. Especially salespeople in the changing market like real estate, for example. A real estate agent have to keep updating news in the industry to stay relevant and continue to see growth in their career. It is one of the bad habits of sales persons to focus solely on selling the products or services.

Providing great customer service is an acquired skill. If salespeople are taught what makes good customer service and trained in the art of providing it, they will attract an almost endless flow of potential clients to the business.

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