Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits

Goal-setting is usually the preferred and only methodology used by companies and people to try to achieve their goals. Science, psychology and experience has shown us that this methodology alone is limited and has great weaknesses. Great athletes, entrepreneurs, managers and companies in every field do not reach their incredible results through goal-setting alone, but through the formation of peak performance habits. 40% of our behaviors and 95% of our thoughts are habits – we are, basically, the product of our habits. Our habits create effective or ineffective routines which in turn multiply and expand bad or good results. In my experience, I have categorized habits into three main fields: mind habits, emotional habits and performance habits.

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Learning how to master them makes the difference in any field, as powerful behaviors and thoughts, through smart repetition, become a natural occurrence, like driving a car. After a while, a powerful habit becomes an essential part of our day and our performance soars as a result. In this webinar we will learn how to construct powerful mental, emotional and behavioral habits that make all the difference in our field. The first important step we will need to learn is awareness: habits are deeply ingrained in our daily activities and especially mind habits, what we think when we respond to an outside event or a goal we set, are invisible to us. We might have ineffective mind habits and not be aware of them – but then we do not reach our goals. Knowing how a habit is constructed and how mental strategies are formed is essential to recognizing them and therefore replacing them with effective, powerful habits.


The second step is to learn the basic structure of a habit and the motivational push we need to make a peak performance behavior an ingrained habit that makes us perform at very high levels naturally. The third, very important step we will learn in the webinar is the ability to be flexible with habits. Many habits, actually, are task-specific, i.e. they depend on our work, goals, and specific tasks we need to complete. So a salesman will need different habits than a CEO. Then, our changing world compels us to become masters in the art of habit de-construction and re-construction. This is a very powerful mental and behavioral tool that allows us to perform at very high levels in any situation and to evolve with the times and the challenges we face. Leadership and performance in any field is not created by single, separate events, like a good advertising campaign, a great negotiation or a well-written project. If we base our performance on single events, our performance and results will fluctuate depending on external events, challenges and changes we might encounter. Powerful habits standardize excellence – they make what would be considered a peak performing behavior, routine. After a while, routines become a natural part of our day and we are not even aware why we perform so well – or so poorly if our mental, emotional and behavioral habits are ineffective.

This Presentation shows the powerful effects of the construction of peak performance habits and the ability to create and change very effective routines.

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