Overcoming Leadership Isolation & The Blind Spots It Creates

Leadership isolation creates separation which is damaging both for business and internal teams but it is even worse externally for customers, market share and profit margins. Separation further creates distance between various aspects of business which in turn, obscures focus. Focus affects clarity and the lack of clarity fosters clouded thinking. Clouded thinking fosters biases which distort perception.

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Similarly, perception will affect the perspective of business leaders. Perspective influences decisions which determine outcome. Leadership Isolation robs us of valuable insight, limits critical Intelligence and colors objective assessment and evaluation. It negatively influences cross team and division functionality and productivity.


Isolation upsets, hampers, weakens and destroys communication. Reduced and irrelevant communication erodes trust and lack of trust corrodes relationships. It distorts and weakens others rules, standards and procedures.

Leadership separation hurts employee motivation. Lack of engagement hurts company profits which ultimately causes stress and anxiety. Anxiety creates uncertainly and increased uncertainty is the biggest reason why companies feel insecure. Insecurity affects job security and handicaps how everyone in your company embraces and reacts to change.

Leadership isolation weakens moral and Low moral chokes timely and efficient thru-put. Poor output affects deadlines, project plans, time to market, costs to acquire customers and profit margins.

Leadership isolation affects motivation and inversely impacts engagement. On the other hand, Low moral affects customer service, sales, drives up costs and lowers margins. Furthermore, it also hurts profits as well as return-on-investment.

Leadership separation creates blind spots which cause assumptions. Untested assumptions create irrational beliefs that can damage how business is done. Right outcomes are dependent upon how business is done, across everyone.

How isolated are you from those you rely on to grow and run your business and how do you know how isolated you are? How isolated would your people say you are, from them and their concerns? How different is their reality from yours? How isolated are you from your customers? How separated are you from key clients, partners, vendors and stakeholders?

Do your answers reflect your knowing? Is your assessment of your isolation based on honest unbiased feedback or is it your guess or your shot-in-the-dark hunch? How open are you to being wrong about how engaged your key people and key stakeholders think you really are?

Turn your beliefs about how isolated your leadership may be or not into facts. Test your assumptions. Are you an isolated leader? Do you suspect you could be a more engaged leader? Assess your reality.

Your either are running toward greater success or success is running away from you and towards someone else. What you need to do to get rid of leadership isolation is to be good and brave enough to give advice and brave enough to ask for it. Similarly, be big and strong enough to admit your mistakes, strong enough to correct them and smart enough to profit from them.

Furthermore, be a Success runner that is run the business rather than getting run over by it. Be a leader who stand and deliver. These are the leaders who stand up, stand out and stand beside their employees, stakeholders and customers and know how to deal everyone.

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