Pinpointing Excellence

The executive coaching market has exploded, approaching $3 Billion (USD) annually with over 50,000 so called ‘coaches’ globally. It is hard to know which executive coaches have the necessary expertise in business, psychology, coaching and ethics to deliver excellent service – and which ones are just nice people who have done a little time in the corporate world. Identifying the difference between a poor to mediocre coach and a truly talented coach can mean a world of difference to your bottom line.

Pinpointing Excellence ( was first released in 2011 to provide anyone thinking about employing an executive coach with a straightforward and objective way to evaluate potential coaches for selection. Busy executives and entrepreneurs don’t have time to take a course on selecting a coach. They need a quick test to determine both the quality and fit of a prospective coach. Readers report that the popularity of this book is based on the practical data and easily applied tools it includes to ensure that consumers select only high quality coaches and so generate the highest possible returns on their outlay of time, energy and money.

The next edition is scheduled for late 2014. For the executive looking for an executive coach or the coach looking to fine-tune his or her services, this book brings the practical realities of today’s executive coaching field into clear perspective.

It’s avaliable for sale  at:

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