Prioritize Your Life; Success Will Follow

Time management is perhaps one of the most talked about terms both in print and electronic media. Internet hosts hundred and thousands of articles written on this particular topic. Yet many people struggle profoundly to prioritize their lives simply because most of them lack the innate ability to set ‘worthwhile’ goals for themselves which they have to attain at any cost. These are the goals which encourage a person to keep order in his life followed by developing effective time management skills.

People who find it difficult to manage time usually encounter following challenges throughout their lives.

  • They are blown away by one challenge after another.
  • It is not easy for them to manage relations properly.
  • Incomplete dreams create frustrations and agitation creeps in their lives.
  • They fail to fulfill the commitment quite often and the resulting embarrassment is too much to bear

It sometimes gets quite cumbersome for you to identify the tasks which you have to complete on urgent basis. As a result, you get frustrated, stressed and distracted and cannot accomplish things as effectively as they should be. It is imperative for you to have a system in place which could help you to prioritize tasks, enabling you to do those tasks first which are actually urgent. Subsequently, you can become less stressed and more productive.

The Time Management Matrix by Steven Covey is the most popular tool people use to prioritize their lives. This particular tools breaks the tasks in four different categories. Following is a diagrammatic explanation of the Time Management Matrix.


The Four Tasks Categories:
It is clear from the above illustration that there are four types of tasks one has to complete during his daily routine. What you have to remember is that there exists a big difference between urgent and important tasks. The key to success is to prevent important tasks from becoming urgent. Last minute deadlines are inevitable especially for business professionals yet you can tackle most of the important tasks quite easily before they come back to haunt you in future.

  • Urgent Tasks:
    The definition of urgent tasks is fairly simple. These are the tasks which you have to do at the present moment of time as you will probably not able to complete them in future. For instance, it is never urgent for you to sleep but it is definitely urgent to watch a live soccer match or going to a sale which is going to end today.
  • Important Tasks:
    On the other hand, important tasks are those tasks which help you to attain worthwhile goals. Similarly, those tasks which prevent you from attaining such goals are termed as “unimportant tasks.” you don’t necessarily need to complete these tasks in present because you can strive throughout your life to fulfill your dreams. The examples of important tasks are sleeping, exercising, hugging your child or asking forgiveness from God.

A Worthwhile Goal:
In the context of above discussion, different people set different goals and leave no stone unturned to attain them. For example, there are some people who want to become super rich whereas for some, the goal of their lives is to help poor and needy. In this regard, a worthwhile goals is the one which adds value to your life both in this world and hereafter. This is the goals which completes you as a person after you accomplish it and fills your life with real happiness and joy.

The Time Management Matrix works on the principle of enabling you to spend most of your time on completing important tasks. This is necessary because if you manage to do important tasks in time, they will not become urgent. Similarly, it also helps you to prioritize your tasks and prevent them from transforming into last minute predicaments. Of course, you will have to finish urgent tasks in the beginning but with the passage of time, you will be able to streamline your tasks and complete them with utmost ease and make your life stress free and happy.


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