Private-public partnerships: lessons from experience

PPP arrangements promise much. The best projects have delivered better public infrastructure sooner and more cheaply. The unsuccessful projects show there are risks. This webinar summarizes the lessons to be learnt from the international experience.

That experience is a mixture of successes and failures. By using selected cases as illustrations, Dr Chapman shows how PPPs commonly work in practice, the problems that commonly arise and the lessons to be learnt. The examples chosen are from the transport and health sectors in both developed and developing nations.

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The lessons concern the detail of the PPP contracts and the message from this session is that PPP proposals must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There are no firm rules for applying them.

The illustrations make clear the critical importance of specifying the contractual issues, including the monitoring and enforcement mechanisms. The specifications must be comprehensive and made explicit before the contracts are enacted.

The illustrations also emphasis the importance of determining responsibilities and aligning control authority with those responsibilities.  Finally, the difficult issue of valuing risk is introduced.

The webinar concludes with an overview of the techniques that can be applied to make recommendations concerning Private Public Partnerships proposals. That is the subject of the final seminar in this series.

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