Restructuring Strategy: New Networks and Industry Challenges

Periods of turmoil present serious threats, yet also offer tremendous opportunities across various levels: industries, networks, companies and management. How do existing industries sustain their competitiveness in times of turmoil? How do networks stave off threats from new technologies? How do emerging and incumbent companies survive when growth is not an option? How do incumbents fend off entrants and underdogs? What is the role of management in sustaining superior performance? Finally, how should companies and management be governed during these times of turmoil?

This book seeks to help you better understand the challenges facing industries, networks, businesses and management during periods of industry structuring and restructuring.

In answering these questions, the contributors provide an overview of the strategies that industries, networks, businesses and managers are currently deploying in order to adapt to chaotic conditions and to enhance business profitability. Their responses make a distinctive contribution to scholarly thought and management practice.

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