Stop Boring Your Audience: How To Develop and Deliver Powerful Business Presentations

Impressing others with your speech is perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world. You have to take into account many factors in order to make your speech more exciting and impactful for your audience. The best public speakers both in business and government understand the importance of combining beautifully designed and easy to comprehend visuals, relevant but interesting examples and the power of storytelling.  It is a fact that many executives are not particularly good public speakers but the good thing is that they can learn these skills with the passage of time. This will definitely give them a huge boost in their career.

It is never easy to prepare an excellent business presentation and then deliver it with presence and impact. In this regard, Bill Connor, the President of Oratorio Media outlines following points you need to remember while giving a business presentation in order to keep your audience interested.


  • Start Strongly:
    You have only 30 seconds to catch the attention of readers if you want them to read your article and same is the case with business or any presentation. You can achieve this goals by explaining the structure or goals of your presentation in the beginning. In fact, your audience will be more interested in your presentation if they know what it is about right from the start. It also makes it easier for you to attain your goal in the end whether it is raising funds for your new venture or changing people’s mind about your new project.
  • Use Well Designed Visuals:
    It has become increasingly important in today’s world to design slides that are visually appealing because no one has time to concentrate on long textual presentations. Similarly, your presentations should have visual consistency throughout in order to keep audience engaged. It is also a good idea to use fonts that become easily visible when projected such as Arial or Calibri. Again it is a wise to use visuals instead of texts or photographs because these are the two most important things which can annoy your viewers. Even if have to illustrate a numeric data, do it with the help of visuals.
  • More Design Tips:
    The design of your slide should be as minimal as possible. Use limited text on slides that is there should be no more than three to four bullet points on each slide. Instead of putting everything in your presentation, it is always better to put details on handouts and distribute them among the attendees. You should use your presentation only for giving an overview of your project.
  • Practice and Rehearsal:
    Practice makes a man perfect and therefore, it is important for you to practice repeatedly before delivering actual presentation. Practice is all about sitting with your presentation for reasonable amount of time and visualising what and how you will explain your points. It is also a nice idea to rehearse by standing in front of mirror and behaving as if you are giving presentation in real. You also need to prepare your presentation well in advance because you won’t have enough time to practice and rehearse if you create it in the last minute. Furthermore, you should also prepare for all the possible questions viewers can ask and worst case scenarios.
  • Your Own Performance:
    Your own performance during the presentation matters a lot as well. Your body language must indicate that you have full command over the topic. You must stand upright and move around naturally and purposefully. Look straight into people’s eyes and establish a strong eye contact with them. You should be an epitome of confidence during the presentation and should not behave as you are confused or disinterested in delivering the lecture.

Last but not the least; you must end your presentation with powerful parting words. You must take your audience towards the goal you have set for the presentation. It is better to talk about steps or methods which will help audience use the information you have just shared with them. You have to come to an end with strong and enticing call to action words about what they should do next. If you don’t take care of these points, your presentation will be just a collection of useless slides.


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