The Greatest Investment

“FEEL and Grow Rich” 

The development of your authenticity and emotional intelligence guarantees an ever expanding return on investment. It provides the greatest return on emotional labor performed by both individuals and organizations.

The development of individuals and organizations with authenticity and emotional intelligence represents the greatest competitive advantage in the emerging trust economy. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to mindfully perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Most organizations do not realize that EI can be developed through the process of emotional labor.

Your emotional intelligence is the most strategic asset you have in working with others. Up until recently the main selection criteria was for IQ and experience within corporations. There was little or no focus when it came to authenticity and emotional intelligence.

So there is a much wider range of variation in these capabilities among individuals within an organization. Increasingly, they have become the key factors in hiring and promotional decisions. Most organizations do not realize that, unlike IQ, they can be developed and strengthened throughout our lifetime.

Our educational system could have helped us to develop our authenticity and emotional intelligence but instead they chose to teach us compliance. Authentic leadership and emotional intelligence is now worth far more than industrial age compliance.

We are at the beginning of a rapid change revolution. The changes that are before us will destroy the status quo and enable the impossible. Our educational system has failed to teach us the importance of doing emotional labor in order to navigate our way through these challenges.

The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence is the essential education need to embrace the unimaginable. It will guarantee an ever expanding return on investment by generating increasingly better results.

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