The Importance of Mentoring

Mentoring is beneficial to all parties involved and inspires individuals to be more productive and efficient, meeting both personal and organisational goals.

While the old adage, “it is not what you know but who you know” still holds some importance in the mentoring world, knowledge definitely should be the most important factor involved.  A good mentor will be knowledgeable about various roles and the company as a whole, therefore being able to teach skills which can then be transferred to other positions within and outside of a specific organisation.

Neuroscience has proven that the mentor relationship offers the right environment for learning to take place. The supporting and nurturing relationship allows the learner’s brain to enter an optimal state for learning.  In effect, the mentor is engaging the creative side of the learner’s brain so he or she can develop and explore ideas within the safety of the mentor-relationship.

A mentor relationship is usually not a brief one.  Successful relationships can last for the duration of an entire career. Like any relationship, it will grow and develop into one of mutual respect creating long lasting professional networks while still maintaining the basic mentor/mentee boundaries

As a mentor rises in an organisation, the career of the learner should also flourish.  Not only will a mentor be able to pass on new skills as they progress in their careers, it may ultimately lead to career advancement for those being mentored.  Fast career growth will generally surround a great mentor and those involved in the mentoring program.

A great mentor will not be threatened by the success of their learner as they should ultimately understand that a learner’s success will reflect well on themselves.

Mentoring programs will give an insider’s perspective into a specific position or organisation, help identify skill gaps and develop knowledge to help achieve career success.  Objective feedback and promotion of new ideas should be given and received freely.

All recipients involved in a mentoring program will feel challenged, developed and engaged ultimately assisting an organisation to retain their most talented and well trained staff giving them an edge over any competitors in a similar field.


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