The Risk of Authentic Leadership

If you are not willing to lead you will not succeed.

Leadership and management require different abilities. Abilities designed to achieve different outcomes. Managementwas establishedto maintain and improve upon the existing status quo.  Leadership must be able to move beyond the status quo in order for innovation and change to occur. At some point this will require the individuals that have committed to lead to stare into the abyss of failure on the journey to better results. You can follow the herd or you lead but you cannot do both at the same time. Your willingness to risk and dare greatly will be so uncomfortable for the people around you that many will be dying to see you fail. This will confirm for them that their way of living is okay.

The sense of urgency is needed to create the grit that you will need to lead. A result that totally consumes you. An idea that fuels unstoppable determination to disrupt the status quo. Do you care enough about the future to risk repeated failure? The willingness to risk failure for what you believe is the emotional labor needed to develop emotional intelligence and authentic leadership. This is where all great leadersbegin the journey of transforming their worlds. The unwillingness to lead will hinder your efforts to position for a better future, leaving you and your organization vulnerable to becoming irrelevant. Sometimes, when something is important enough you should pursue it with all your energy and passion even if the probable outcome is failure – that’s leadership.

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