The Secret To Finding Out What You Are Meant To Do With Your Life (Your Soul Purpose)

According to Edgar Cayce, everyone in this world has a unique purpose which no one else can fulfil. For some people, their sole purpose is related to a specific job or achieving a high status in the society, for others it is all about perusing their passions or living a certain lifestyle. It is extremely imperative for you to discover, understand and live your soul purpose but it can be long and cumbersome process.

What is Your Sole Purpose?
Most people think that their sole purpose has to be something big, something colossal which would totally change their lives and that of others. However, you need to realise that sometimes even small things can also do wonders for you and bring you a lot of happiness. Therefore, your unique purpose can be something which you enjoy the most such as passionately indulging in or playing your favourite hobby or sport respectively.

In case of profession, your sole purpose is doing what you are good at, what you yourself love to do and what people would pay you for. You have to pursue a career which falls into all these three categories to maximise the chances to achieving the financial success you dream of.


Why it is Necessary to Discover Our Soul Purpose?
Every one of us is assigned with a soul purpose even before we are born. It is written in our genes and every human being is a unique creature which has to perform a specific task in this mortal world. Our life purpose is always in alignment with our passions and deepest desires. When we manage to discover our unique purpose and start living it, the world becomes beautiful all of a sudden.

When you don’t have a soul’s purpose, everything around you seems to be monotonous and dull. You feel unsure about your ability to live successfully and happily. You lack in confidence and wonder what your destiny is. You refuse to go forward and linger around in your life which is devoid of any real purpose.

On the other hand, when you know what you are destined to become or achieve, you feel self driven and motivated. You have undeniable beliefs that you will ultimately achieve your goals despite all the hurdles that come your way. Similarly, you abound in energy and passion when you do what you love the most.

As far as your profession and business is concerned, you will not be successful unless you determine what you actually want to achieve. For that matter, you have to do what you love to do to earn your livelihood. If you don’t do so, your profits will be down, your teams will be confused because they won’t have any clear vision and most importantly, you will miss a lot of business opportunities that can totally revitalise your business.

When an organisation is in alignment with its sole purpose, everyone has the clear vision of what is to be achieved in the long run. The organisation has clear guiding principles which further become foundation of its success. In this case, teams collaborate with each other positively resulting in increased sales. Such organisations even manage to survive during economic downturns.  They not only benefit from their policies but also take maximum care of their employees’ and customers’ right providing everyone a chance to live a happy and prosperous life.

Identifying the Soul’s Purpose:
As mentioned above, discovering your life purpose can be a long and difficult task to accomplish. It requires a lot of dedication, determination and courage to explore why you have been sent to this world. There are many things you can do to identify your soul purpose such as thinking, meditation, and self reflection etc. The bottom line is that you must know who you are and who you are not. You should thoroughly discover yourself and most importantly, try to be real and must not conceal your real self behind veils of pretention.

You must realise that you cannot copy others because everyone has a unique personality. You have to be yourself and authentic in order to succeed as a person both in home and office regardless of your status and role. It is imperative for you to accept yourself and try to do what you actually enjoy to do. You have to have your own interests, passions and goals which you should try to achieve.

Last but not the least; you should share your wealth and happiness which you have achieved through discovering your soul purpose with others. You must remember that you cannot survive in this world without the help and support of others no matter how rich and powerful you are. Therefore, once you attain the high status and position in the society, it is your moral and social responsibility to try your level best to make lives of others easy, happy and prosperous as well. Only this way, you will be able to fulfil the unique purpose of your life.

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