Train Your Brain – Improve Productivity, Creativity and Performance

Neuroscience is perhaps one of the most exciting fields of studies. Brain is vital to our existences and its failure results in imminent death or at least total dependence on others for the rest of your life. Brain primarily enables you to think yet it is responsible for much more. It regulates involuntarily movements such as breathing and heartbeat and controls all of our voluntarily movements as well.  The brain gives us our personality and serves as the sea of human conscience. We are dependent on brain for feeling our emotions where it also stores our precious memories as well.

In the context of above discussion, the mind wobbling discoveries of neuroscience can greatly help business leaders to improve not only their own leadership but also enhance workplace performance and productivity in the long run. Recent insights into the brain have provided researchers with a new science of peak performance and with some careful planning and programming; they can turn this science into applicable skills and techniques. Subsequently, business leaders and executives can apply these techniques in their workplace to improve organisational performance considerably.


It is also the moral responsibility of the higher authorities of an organisation to start development programmes aiming at the behavioural modification and strategic reengineering of their employees. They should consult neuroscientists in an attempt to improve the performance of their people by teaching them about their brains and how to use them better.

Different parts of the brain perform different functions ranging from decision making to help other parts of the body hear, sense and smell. The prefrontal cortex, which is the front part of the brain, is associated with person’s personality. Furthermore, it is also believed by thousands of scientists that prefrontal cortex is responsible for controlling activities like cognitive behaviour, decision making, personality expression and moderation of social behaviour.

Executive function is also one of the most important duties performed by the prefrontal cortex. Executive function relates to activities like determining better and best, good and bad, differentiating between conflicting thoughts as well as what is same and what is different. Similarly, it helps people analyse possible consequences of current actions, predict outcomes of decisions and work towards common goals.

Structuring behaviour and thoughts according to personal goals is also the primary responsibility of this section of the brain. Dysfunctional prefrontal cortex leads to deficits in abstraction ability, orientation, concentration, problem solving ability and judgement and most importantly, inappropriate social behaviour. It is also pertinent to note that it is the most delicate and energy intensive part of the brain as it has to perform so many complex duties almost simultaneously.

It is crystal clear from above discussion that employees with healthy brains in general and prefrontal cortex in particular can greatly improve organisational performance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both business leaders and employees to know how to take care of their brains as it is the first and most important step towards success. When the brain is doing well, you are doing well but when the brain is in trouble, you, your family and your organisation is in trouble.

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