Use LinkedIn to Make Key Decision-Makers Fall In Love With You

LinkedIn has become one of the biggest online networks to connect with key decision makers in your respective niche. However, most of us are still unable to fully understand how we can optimize LinkedIn to our maximum advantage. There are no shortcuts to achieve success and same is the case with connecting with other people and marketing your expertise. You have to be innovative in your approach and ensure others that you are the person who can provide long lasting solutions to all of their problems.

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The problem with most professionals who use LinkedIn to connect with decision makers is that their profile fails to get enough engagement from their target audience. You definitely want others in your network to recognize and appreciate the value of your efforts but in most occasions, this remains a distinct reality. The only way to turn the tide is to make your LinkedIn profile as credible and authoritative as possible. Your profile must offer value to your target audience otherwise you are not going to achieve your goal.

LinkedIn Profile

You can start with evaluating how your profile looks to an unconnected user in addition with checking out what is the perception of other group members about you. It is also pertinent to note that you must join various LinkedIn groups related to your profession. As a fact of matter, groups are the best way to connect with your target audience on LinkedIn. You can share useful and valuable information to create authority on groups. You can also ask questions to the group members to survey your target market and what their problems and requirements are.

There are many ways you can use groups to establish authority. For instance, you can regularly and consistently create discussions on the groups and entice other members to participate in those discussions. On the other hand, you should also post comments on discussion threads started by other members. You can also write articles yourself and try to provide your expertise to the readers. It is also important to analyze how other members think of you when you comment on discussions and articles. All these things will help you greatly in making your profile more authoritative.

In addition with maximizing your influence on groups, you can also use various keywords to find out how popular you are. The best way is to search for yourself to figure out where you stand in the group. If you are not high enough, use relevant keywords in your comments and articles that your target audience will search for. Secondly, you must measure who is viewing your profile because all your efforts are going in vain if your profile is not visible to your target audience.

After evaluating your profile thoroughly, you must start making it more credible. Add a powerful assertive tagline which demonstrates what you are all about in no more than 120 characters. Think about the needs and daily burdens of your target audience and try to provide viable solutions. Similarly, you have to think about your customers’/potential employers’ business as well as personal problems. Try to go beyond what other members are doing to help them.

Another good method to attract more connections is to provide a free resource which offers real value to people. The resource could be anything such as simple job search tweaks that will get them more job interviews. You just has to ensure that the resource you are providing is actually useful for your target audience instead of another generic effort to market your expertise.

It is absolutely impotent for you to make your profile flawless because a profile riddled with mistakes will only put people away. The profile must not be repetitive and us as many keywords as you need to avoid alienating your audience. Don’t forget to mention your achievements and unique skills in the profile. Most importantly, add a strong Call to Action (CTA) in your profile and entice people to take action. Also, clearly describe how you are going to solve people’s problems instead of giving a vague description of yourself.

Finally, you have to demonstrate how you are going to bring change to their lives. Start with discussing the business challenges your target viewers are facing in addition with their personal problems. The most important step is to clearly describing the results you are going to give them. It is also important to mention how and what exactly you are helping them to improve. For instance, you can talk about how people can do their jobs better if your target audience is low to midlevel employees.

Finally, you must also talk about your unique experiences and problems you faced in the past and how you resolved them. Also mention your achievements in the past and how you helped your clients get out of troublesome situations. Remember that you have to make your profile look credible and authoritative to people if you want to better connect with them.

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