Why Leading Talent through Neuroscience is Vital Today!

Never was the need to lead the talent effectively using different methods so intensified as it is in the modern business world. As a corporate leader, you need to master various leadership skills and practice them wholeheartedly to convert your employees into a winning team. In this regard, adopting neuroscience and strength based approach can really help you learn new skills and develop as a leader.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of human brain or nervous system and it advances our understanding of human behavior, emotions and thoughts. Everyone knows that our brain influences our behavior and therefore, by having an insight about how your brain and nervous system works, you can actually enable yourself to control your decisions and your future.
The interesting thing about brain is that it weighs only 2.87-3.1 pounds (1.5 kg) but it requires 20% of total energy consumed by human body to function smoothly. Therefore, you need to understand how it works and take full care of it. This is really important because brain works so hard throughout the day but it weighs only 1.5 kilograms, making it necessary for you to manage it properly.

Neuroscience and Talent Management:

The war of seeking the right talent for the organizations has intensified in recent years. The talent management is all about recruiting highly skilled and experienced professionals of your organization. In addition, the purpose of talent management is to create an organizational culture that supports this talent to make your organization truly successful.
Organizations have to face many challenges about keeping people fully engaged, recruiting the best talent and most importantly, developing them. This is where neuroscience can come to your rescue because all these things need some sort of thinking which is done by the brain. Organizations are all about people and all of them think differently. Therefore, it is pertinent to have full grasp over working of different parts of brain in order to understand what actually talent is.


Prefrontal Cortex is the part of the brain that is responsible for analytical thinking and associated activities. Limbic system controls the subconscious functions and record thousands of activities we perform every day. That is why it also prevents us from doing something different or resists change. However, neuroscience presents the theory of Plasticity which states that human brain is constantly changing or reshaping just like plastic.
Therefore, neuroscientists claim that corporate leaders and executives can also reshape their minds or continuously learn new leadership skills despite their age or experience. Neuroscience also compels leaders to support learning in their teams and provide them with a stretching challenge help them develop “new brain” for easily learning new skills and accommodating change.
Neuroscience has also discovered that brain is social helping leaders to actually better understand the behavior of the team. Similarly, brain is also motivated by both threats and rewards and neuroscience suggests business leaders identify factors which motivate teams to perform better and which one of them undermine their performance.
There is nothing wrong in saying that you develop more effective leadership skills when you understand your values, attitude and thinking patterns. It further helps you to create a motivated and hard working team which is always read to improve organizational performance. If you can become a leader with the ability to push beyond boundaries and produce change within your organization, success will lick your feet one day. Understanding neuroscience and functioning of your brain will empower you to achieve this goal.

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