The Keys to Leading Organizational Change – Accelerate Change

Leading a strategy that requires employees to voluntarily choose to change their behavior may be the most difficult challenge a leader will ever face. What is it that top leaders do to instill the desire, ownership, engagement, alignment and sense of shared accountability for the desired results that triggers these voluntary changes in behavior? We

Leadership’s Global Responsibility: Imagine and Build a World of Change

Introduction Across the globe, there are many issues connected to or brought about by corporations that compromise human rights. The list of infractions is long and has been addressed by many international human rights organizations. Yet, despite many efforts, these issues still prevail and in many countries, the current state suggests a backwards movement. Over

Keys to Captivating an Audience

The webinar, “Keys to CAPTIVATING an Audience:  Engaging Head & Heart…Spirit & Soul,” led by Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc ™, focused on three basic questions: 1.  Are you courageously developing and purposefully and passionately bringing your unique energy, experience, and expertise? 2.  Are you truly “being heard or are you just making noise”? 3. 

How to Reduce Workplace Stress & Improve Productivity

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model is an easy-to-use tool for learning about your behavioral preferences. It will help you understand why you find some relationships more productive than others. It will help you develop insight to your behavioral strengths and weaknesses. It will help you develop a way of communicating with others, knowing that behavioral Styles

How do you become a better Leader?

How do you define blind-spots? Blind-spots are unrecognized weaknesses or threats that can harm a leader and his or her company. Are there different degrees of blindness? There are times when leaders are completely blindsided by a weakness or threat and other situations when they are partially aware of a weakness or threat but fail

How to Bring Out the Best of Your Leadership Style

If you are part of your company’s leadership structure, you should be very aware of your leadership style to allow you to work more effectively with your direct reports and transform from being just a boss into a true leader. However,before you do that, you will need to identify your leadership style. I espouse using

How Eliminating Workplace Harassment Raises Productivity

Saudi Vision 2030 has the potential to make Saudi Arabia “an epicenter of trade and the gateway to the world,” according to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi Arabia has an ambitious economic plan to diversify its economy and expand international trade and investment opportunities. As Saudi Arabia expands its global reach and its

How to create & lead ELITE Teams to Business Success

In the 21st Century, technological and social advancements are transforming the business landscape. The world is moving towards an era where the necessity of developing high performance teams is requisite for success. The problem is, people are complex creatures and as the team grow the entrepreneur or business leader crashes into what I call, the