Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) is a pioneer in bringing high quality Executive Education in the GCC region. The MILE’s idea was conceived to address the leadership deficit in the Middle East in particular and rest of the Muslim world in general. Our mission is to create un-dogmatic learning environment that combines cultures, ideas and people through entrepreneurship and leadership education.

MILE has been at the forefront of executive education in the Middle East, inspiring and developing corporate leaders who have the potential to make a lasting, positive and deep impact on the societies, people and companies they serve.

The MILE’s goal is to further enhance knowledge and skills of thought leaders, senior executives and entrepreneurs who create value for their communities and organizations. Through collaboration with the prestigious Executive Education institutes, academic professors and global consulting firms, we influence global best practices by expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

MILE’s success is based on the humanistic approach to leadership and business, complemented by the global scope of its programs and collaboration with some of the best minds in the business world to produce groundbreaking research. The growing alumni network of corporate leaders and senior executives as well as relevant and practical teaching methodology also play their pivotal role in helping MILE to attain its goals. MILE aims at enabling entrepreneurs, senior executives and high level government servants, especially in the Muslim world, to take on the challenges of today and lead the business into the future.

Since its inception, MILE has focused exclusively on the professional and personal development of every individual partaking in MILE’s experience. While other Executive Education institutes struggle to incorporate global curriculum and keep abreast of the latest developments in the entrepreneurial world, MILE firmly remains on the forefront because we develop leaders who create sustainable prosperity not only in the Muslim world but all across the globe.