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Dr. Christopher Anne Robinson-Easley
Enlightening Management Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Christopher Anne Robinson-Easley is a seasoned executive with over forty years of experience in multiple service sectors, health care, human resource management, organization development and higher education. She is an internationally recognized and extensively published author and academic. Currently, Dr. Robinson-Easley operates a private consulting firm, Enlightening Management Consultants, Inc. and also works as a professional speaker. While she has been consulting to organizations from multiple sectors in the areas of management, human resource management and organization development since 1990, she took her consulting practice from part-time to full time in 2015. The sectors she has served over the span of her consulting years include non-profit (primarily civil society and health care), for-profit, education and state government organizations. Prior to moving her consulting practice into a full time career, she previously worked in higher education for over two decades. Over the course of her career in higher education, Dr. Robinson-Easley was tenured and promoted to the rank of Full Professor in Management and served in the administrative positions of program coordinator, director, dean, assistant provost, and vice president for academic and student affairs. She continues to stay close to higher education and is on the faculty of Confor-PME Conseil-et Formation, in the French West Indies where she teaches Intercultural Management at the MBA level.

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