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The Importance of Mentoring

Mentoring is beneficial to all parties involved and inspires individuals to be more productive and efficient, meeting both personal and organisational goals. While the old adage, “it is not what you know but who you know” still holds some importance in the mentoring world, knowledge definitely should be the most important factor involved.  A good

Pinpointing Excellence

The executive coaching market has exploded, approaching $3 Billion (USD) annually with over 50,000 so called ‘coaches’ globally. It is hard to know which executive coaches have the necessary expertise in business, psychology, coaching and ethics to deliver excellent service – and which ones are just nice people who have done a little time in

Restructuring Strategy: New Networks and Industry Challenges

Periods of turmoil present serious threats, yet also offer tremendous opportunities across various levels: industries, networks, companies and management. How do existing industries sustain their competitiveness in times of turmoil? How do networks stave off threats from new technologies? How do emerging and incumbent companies survive when growth is not an option? How do incumbents

Coaching For Performance

This book, now in its FOURTH edition, is the grandfather of coaching books and approaches. Much of what has come to be known as professional business coaching came from Timothy Gallway and Whitmore’s sports training techniques. As such, the book provides a simple foundation for coaching based on the context of awareness and responsibility through

Leading Smart Transformation: A Roadmap for World-Class Government

Leading Smart Transformation: A Roadmap for World-Class Government by Andrew Kakabadse, Mohamed Omar Abdulla, Rabih Abouchakra & Ali Qassim Jawad (Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan) Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield School of Management and one of the Trust’s academic fellows, along with three other colleagues, has published one of the first books