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The Keys to Leading Organizational Change – Accelerate Change

Leading a strategy that requires employees to voluntarily choose to change their behavior may be the most difficult challenge a leader will ever face. What is it that top leaders do to instill the desire, ownership, engagement, alignment and sense of shared accountability for the desired results that triggers these voluntary changes in behavior? We

Take Your Blindfolds Off: Reinvent in 2017

Disruption is here to stay.  It’s not a fad or a phase.  Radical change is going to keep coming at us, and new ideas, new technologies, new regulations, new consumer desires, new competitive threats and more keep driving all of us to be better, faster and – perhaps above all – different from who we

How to Manage the Crazy Changes Coming Your Way

A Bit about Don Phin’s Background Don has changed colleges, his marriage, numerous careers, numerous homes, and his finances. He helps companies change and loves the idea of change itself. He lives in Coronado, CA… at least for now. I use these two pictures to make a point. The second was done by my 14

The Key to Organizational Success in 21st Century

What does your future looks like? What technology, disruptions or skills you foresee in future? In reality, future is unpredictable, and you can never determine what will happen in future, but, you can always predict/make assumptions about the future based on past events, trends and activities. Business today, in general are nothing more than broken.

Year: 2016 Challenges for CEOs

With today’s dynamically changing environment, businesses have become more robust, markets are gone global, competition is on rise, consumers are well informed and products have become questionable due to ease of communicational and advancement in technology. Under such circumstances organization’s CEOs must be well aware of the reality: what got them here, might not get

Leading Change Needs to Change

Leading change in today’s world is not the same as it was in the past. When the environment was more stable, organizations were less global, workforces less diverse and management more control-oriented, planning and executing change was easier, more linear and slower. We were able to plan changes better and execute action steps across time

Why Change is So Hard

In a fascinating article titled “Change or Die” (Fast Company, May 1, 2005), Alan Deutsch man described the IBM conference “Global Innovation Outlook,” where leading thinkers proposed solutions to big problems. At one point Dr. Edward Miller; dean of the medical school and CEO of the hospital at John Hopkins University addressed the crisis in

Growth Challenges in Family Businesses

As businesses the entrepreneurs face a lot of turbulence and challenges. The climate can be sometimes tough and wind blows from too many directions and entrepreneurs need to handle this. It can be seen that in UK there is a revival of small businesses. Firms have increased consistently over the years across all industry sectors,