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How to Reduce Workplace Stress & Improve Productivity

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model is an easy-to-use tool for learning about your behavioral preferences. It will help you understand why you find some relationships more productive than others. It will help you develop insight to your behavioral strengths and weaknesses. It will help you develop a way of communicating with others, knowing that behavioral Styles

Your Path to Powerful Presentations

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking or speaking in public, 82% of Americans polled by a Harvard Psychological Study in 2014, put this higher than being scared of snakes, spiders or flying. Though it is something we all do everyday, whether we are speaking to one, ten, one hundred or thousands of people, and

Why your Personal Brand and LinkedIn matters

The old ways of selling have changed. Sales used to be about cold calling. It used to be about samples and then trying to get meetings with people. Times have changed. Now sale is about leveraging people’s social networks and engagement, which means connecting with people. It’s also about education. According to Ipsos Open Thinking

Communication in Organization

Communication at a glance Communication is the transfer and understanding of meaning. If no information or ideas have been conveyed or transferred, communication hasn’t taken place. For communication to be successful, the meaning must be imparted and understood. Good communication does not require agreement with the message; just clear understanding of the message. Two Main

Getting to know a client

Psychometrics and other forms of diagnostic, such as 360-degree feedback, can be very helpful in getting to know a client and “what makes them tick”. But they take time, often require lengthy analysis and can become somewhat mechanical processes that miss the richness and complexity of “who is this person and how do they connect

How to Connect with People

Having a strong personal brand requires being connected to a network of resources for mutual development and growth. We achieve our greatest success through our relationships with others. That’s why it is critical to build and maintain your network. Personal networks are largely external, made up of discretionary links to people with whom we have

Are you Well Connected? – Getting more from fewer connections

Whoever dies with the most connections win? Right? Actually no. Social networking and media sites have lulled us into a false sense of security the bigger our networks the more we are networking.The way were going to talk about social networking! I’m going to show you a method I discovered for rethinking social networking and

Mastering the Language of Influence

Poor communication is today’s number one problem at work, at home and in the world at large. Discords among people are frequent and can extend from small annoyances to intractable conflicts between nations. In order to influence people into action we need to understand not ONLY how we communicate with others, but also how they