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The Role of Future Flexibility and Uncertainty In Decision Making

Traditional decision making strategies are losing their worth with the passage of time. Business leaders and executives are looking for new methods and techniques to improve the corporate decision making for enhancing the performance of their organisations. For instance, more and more executives are using uncertainty and “decision flexibility” as primary input instead of precise

Understanding Scenario Thinking: Global Strategy and Local Execution

Nowadays, decision-making and business development has become far more complex than ever before, taking place in a fast changing, highly uncertain knowledge-driven environment where values, behaviors, and social structures are no longer as stable and predictable as they were. Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos Scenario Thinking is a powerful methodology to enable executives

Managing the Investment and Financing Decisions of Companies

It is mandatory for every company to take right financial and investment decisions in order to compete with the rival companies and survive. One wrong financial or investment decision can ruin a company and it becomes very difficult for the organization to resurrect itself and achieve the same status it once enjoyed. Therefore, any company

The Principles of Business Agility: Understanding the Gap between Perception and Reality in Business

The following article has actually been extracted from the experts belonging to the webinar, “The Principles of Business Agility: Understanding the Gap between Perception and Reality in the business” delivered by David Siegel, founder of Business Agility Workshop and one of the pioneers in the field of web designing. The webinar was arranged by Madinah

The Revolution will be Improvised

The world has changed a lot in the last decade or so thanks to massive technical development and problems like terrorism that has taken hold of most part of the known world. In the wake of all these issues, traditional methods to solve modern problems are ill equipped and people relying on them are unable

How to Craft Robust Strategy Through Scenarios

A famous scene in the film Lawrence of Arabia illustrates a typical response, often observed when organizations or people face an unknown or changing situation. While Lawrence and a fellow traveler rest in the desert, a tiny dot becomes visible on the horizon, growing larger as it approaches. At this stage, the horizon seems far

Problems and Solutions – Part 3

  Sura 94 (As Sharh) explains the wisdom of why life brings us problems. In Part 1 we discussed the teaching in this sura that “every difficulty comes with its solution”. This gives us assurance that our difficulties can be overcome. We should stay optimistic and look for solutions to our problems, instead of complaining

Problems and Solutions Part – 2

Difficulties and problems are everywhere in life. Whatever goals you pursue you encounter obstacles. People we meet usually talk about the difficulties they have, in their business or in the family, or problems in the world. Why has the world been created in such a way that we always face problems and difficulties? Sura 94