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Problems and Their Solutions – Part 1

Difficulties, problems, and hardships are the stuff of life. Every living person finds difficulties in many areas of his or her life. Sura 94 (Ash-Sharh) explains their positive purpose. One important insight in this sura is in ayas 5 and 6 where it says that every problem we face comes with its solution: إِنَّ مَعَ

What’s the Biggest Talent Management Challenge?

More and more organisations are launching talent management programmes to enhance the performance of their employees and eliminate the chances of mass exodus. However, they also need to realise that just starting new programmes is not enough because their success actually depends upon their talent management people. If they don’t embrace and live by your

Do you have a competitive advantage and how sustainable is it?

There are some firms which happen to be lucky and get overnight success but such examples are few and far between. In order to achieve long term success, companies have to acquire necessary skills and resources in order to compete with others who have been in business for decades. The value creation for companies, and

Corporate Governance and Global Board Best Practices

In this webinar, Professor Andrew Kakabadse of Cranfield School of Management, presented the research findings of Global Board Best Practices covering Spread of Responses, Idiosyncratic and Context significant in the overall respect of corporate governance, which he surveyed, analyzed and collated after conducting various interviews of NEDs, CEOs, Chairs, Executive Directors accross the

Team Leadership Development Takes Commitment and Dedication

True team leadership development is one of the most fulfilling human activities. Corporations along with small businesses want to harness this wonderful activity. Where most businesses have great intentions, developing leadership ability is not always the easiest of tasks.