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How Business Owners Become Financial Leaders

Entrepreneurs wear dozens of hats: They are product designers, salespeople, customer service reps, marketers, executives, and grunts. Yet, the one role many entrepreneurs are less than ready to take on is that of financial expert. Businesses need money to survive, and entrepreneurs are responsible for finding and managing funding appropriately. Those who are effective with

How to Deal with Financing Risk

The discussion about risk in finance quite often deals with the risk incurred by the providers of funds. In this respect the providers of equity are typically those who incur the highest risk: if a firm faces difficulties and is liquidated, equity holders are those who will receive only the very residual money (if any)

Are you getting value for money from your investment in mentoring

You’d expect most companies with established mentoring programmes to give an unequivocal yes, but the reality is that most organizations don’t know. So here are some basic indicators to consider. Highly effective mentoring programmes: Deliver substantial learning for at least 95% of mentees and at least 80% of mentors Lead to at least one third

Factors impacting the transition of OIC Countries

The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is the second largest intra-government organization with 57 member countries spanning over four continents. The OIC accounts for almost quarter of the total world population (23% to be precise) but less than 11% of world’s total GDP. The total population of Muslim world is 1.6 billion where its total

Why is Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing?

Early-stage equity expert David Drake caught up with Gary Spirer, author of Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing, to discuss the new SEC law 506(c) and the opportunities the open advertising of deals brings to issuers and investors. Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos Gary Spirer is an entrepreneur, a crowdfunding expert, and the author

How the World is Investing in Startups: Crowd, Angels, Venture firms

Gone are the days when people would just not start a new business due to the lack of funds and investment. Now inspiring entrepreneurs can get funds for their projects quite easily from multiple sources and this summary of the webinar By David Drake is precisely about how people around the globe are investing in

Discover what makes Islamic Finance different from conventional finance

The economic crises that took hold of the world in 2008 led everyone to believe that there are many problems in economic system in vogue across the globe. The current economic system incorporating huge interests is not something that world can handle and is not capable enough to provide solutions to all the financial problems

Best Practices in Acquisition Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a critical component of any company’s strategic tool kit. M&A is a competency that can be learned, practiced and developed into a competitive strategic advantage for those companies where growth is a key objective. However, M&A is a complex, multi-faceted process that presents a myriad of challenges, even for experienced