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Private-public partnerships: lessons from experience

PPP arrangements promise much. The best projects have delivered better public infrastructure sooner and more cheaply. The unsuccessful projects show there are risks. This webinar summarizes the lessons to be learnt from the international experience. That experience is a mixture of successes and failures. By using selected cases as illustrations, Dr Chapman shows how PPPs

Corporate Social Responsibility Practice & Implementation

Corporate Social Responsibility organizations are growing in numbers in all parts of the world. There are many business owners who feel that the best way to do the business is to do it responsibly, but need little bit more practical information to implement CSR. Yet there are some entrepreneurs who still have no idea of

Administrative Reforms and High Performance: The Human Dimension

This webinar addresses the broad implications of administrative reforms that have focused for the past fifteen years on managerialist ideals emphasizing the deregulation and decentralization of organizations and the use of market-oriented rather than regulatory approaches to management.

Collaborating Across Organisational Boundaries

One of the biggest problems civil servants face while delivering public services is how to ensure collaboration across various organizations. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for government departments to support and collaborate with each other for providing instant and quality services to the masses in the wake of growing public demands and increasing number

F.A.S.T. Government (Flat, Agile, Streamlined, Tech-enabled) for the 21st Century

Latest developments in technology, changes in socio political scenarios of various regions in the world and underperforming economies have prompted a massive transformation on how governments are run around the globe. In order to address all these issues, the World Economic Forum is spearheading a new model of Government for the 21st century. This model

How to Secure a Business Failure

Good governance is absolutely necessary to convert an average business to a successful and dominant force in its respective industry. No business or organization can dream of succeeding in highly competitive market without implementing good governance in its true letter and spirit. Not having good governance in place is definitely a proven recipe for failure

Improving Boards Practices

The board is the most important part of any organization in terms of making decisions, rectifying processes and ensuring the necessary quality level prevails in the workplace. Similarly, it is also the responsibility of the board members to organize meetings well and effectively despite their frequency. The business leaders or senior executives should also try

Public Private Partnerships Practice and Implementation

The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) webinar is for those who would like to get into action rightaway. The webinar  assumes some knowledge of PPP, therefore it will focus on implementationand case experience, rather than theory. Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos The webinar focuses on PPP as it is implemented today around the world.