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How do you create value in the Health care Sector

Health is a prime determinant of national well-being. Moreover, health is the foundation of economic progress. There are many determinant of health, including the environment and personal behavior, but in modern societies the systems of health care financing and delivery are important factors that contribute to health and therefore social and economic well being. Yet

How to Diagnose and Improve your Organization’s Health

How healthy is your organization? What if you could determine a health level for your organization that would allow you to address specific health needs while celebrating and building off your areas of strength? How healthy is your leadership and how are others in the organization experiencing that leadership? It is mandatory for leaders to

Ihsaan in Healthcare: Approaches and Tools for Performance Improvement

The God has prescribed excellence in all things and it is the duty of everyone to strive for continuous development in all acts he does. In simple words, excellence is not an event but a journey which everyone has to set upon. Healthcare is one of the largest and sensitive industries in the world and